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Dehumanizing The City....CHIMAIRA / SIX FEET UNDER - Irving Plaza, NYC - 8/17/05
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It's been a long, long hot summer here in the east. Twenty one days above ninety and still counting. Lots of sweat. I love it. Hell, I'm solar powered, so the more hot sun the better. Wouldn't mind catching a cool breeze though. I'll have to settle for an evil wind. An evil wind blowing through New York City. The Evil One himself. So, I quickly got in touch with the coolest metal girl I never met (yet), Kelli from Metal Blade, and she hooked me up on The Evil guest list and I gathered up my best friend and assistant, Donna, and told my son to wax the board, we're going under the Hudson to catch some waves and some rays...in New York City. It was the first time surfin' for my son in the City and Donna would finally hit the only venue that has eluded her, so it was a special nite , no doubt. Add to the fact, that a day earlier I won two passes from a local radio show, so not only was it a special nite with a kick ass show, but it was free for us all too!! Thank you WSOU and my dear saahhweet Kelli! I never drive into the city, but park in nearby Metuchen and train it under the river and that always adds to the roadtrip. I love to walk the City. It revives me. I haven't traveled much off the east coast, but yeah...freakin' New York City is in my blood. I love to walk the City. Especially to a kick ass show!

The doors didn't open till eight, so it wasn't an all out rush to get there. My son loves 3 Inches of Blood and we timed everything good and arrived early so we wouldn't miss them. I think they're good and the 'new' old school metal revival is really growing on me. Hell, I'm a child of the eighties and although I went the punk / hardcore / industrial path, rather than the hair metal one, I grew up with Rush, AC/DC, BOC, UFO and F**king Priest, man! So, it's good to hear. 3 inches Of Blood does it right too. Man, they got some duel screamers up there. They kicked freakin' butt!! They are the plainest looking, kick ass, screaming, guitar seering, rowdy, brutal heavy metal motherf**kers I've ever seen! The one guitar player was wearing a CHICAGO t-shirt. And I don't mean the Cubbies. The duel vocals were awesome!!! scaaaaareeeming!!!!!!!!! My son, of course, was the first to test the NYC surf when they blew out the walls with "Deadly Sinner". "All That Remains" was awesome as well. They brought some serious energy and although I don't know any of their stuff by title, I know that they kick butt and they surely did that again. I saw them at Sounds of the Underground, so I knew they'd keep the sweat pouring! It was a good NYC crowd too. Good surfing, good whirling pit. Then an Evil wind blew in from the south.

I don't know why Chris seems to get such a bad rap all the time. I loved him in Corpse and I love him still, but people seem to have turned on him. C'mon man, he is THE Evil one and, to me, Six Feet Under has been a staple of the American Death Metal scene for the last decade. Maybe it's his ego and he did piss off The Heavy Metal Thundergod one time, by not coming off the bus for a pic with me, but I forgive him. If you say anything bad about him in front of Donna, she'll kick you in the teeth. Yeah. She's in love. You know when SFU hit the stage, we were in dreads reach of him. When THE man walked out....yeah...The F**king Evil one. They did some good old shit to a chaotic crowd. Freakin' "Victim of the Paranoid", "The Day the Dead Walked". "Murder in the Basement" was wicked as hell and so was "When Skin Turns Blue". It was a brutal set with "Deathklaat" and "Shadow of the Reaper" among the songs from their awesome new one, but "Revenge of the Zombie" and "Suffering in Ecstasy" back to back really put me and the kids into a frenzy. And I'm sure Donna was suffering, as well, right under his mic!

To see Chimaira headlining in NYC is special for me. I had heard them before they were even signed and I caught them back in the summer of 2000 when they surprisingly played this little dungeon of a place in Newark called QXT's and I photographed the show. Next to the pics in my photo album I put the letters NBT* (Next Big Thing). They blew off the roof and knocked out the walls that night and five years later they're doing the same, only it's Irving Plaza, NYC and my.. have they grown! With the new album debuting at #74 on the billboard charts!! I've seen them many, many times in between and I'm sure to see them many more. They freakin' rule! I always pick out a song before a show that will be THE song of the night and tonight I picked "Pure Hatred" to be the one that I'd be going berserk to. I didn't have to wait long, cause they opened with it!!!! Hell Yeah!! Tore the place apart from the first song on!!! The new ones were smashing as well. "Nothing Remains", "Save Ourselves", "Left for Dead", "Bloodlust" and a live debut of "Pray For All". All the old favorites. "Severed" was unbelievable!! "Cleansation", "Down Again". "The Freakin' Dehumanizing Process". Yeah. F**k Yeah!!! It was a swirling, surfing safari, dripping sweat! Then, before they left, they removed what was left of the roof with "Power Trip".

I've seen these kids come a long way in five years. The only other band I've ever given the NBT* to was a band called Slipknot in 1999. It's taken Chimaira a bit longer, but they're finally getting their due and will probably be around longer, Dehumanizing the world!!

August 20, 2005
Harm.us - Death, Black, Doom and Gothic Metal WebZine, bandlist, cd reviews, interviews, mp3 and forum
Harm.us - Death, Black, Doom and Gothic Metal WebZine, bandlist, cd reviews, interviews, mp3 and forum
Harm.us - Death, Black, Doom and Gothic Metal WebZine, bandlist, cd reviews, interviews, mp3 and forum
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