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Music For Freedom...and Sweatin'...and Stompin'!!...and Surfin'!! - MUSHROOMHEAD / DOPE, Allentown, PA 9/13/05
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Can't really afford to take off work... but what the f**k. It's a Tuesday and work sucks and The Crocodile Rock Cafe is the closest club to my house. Only a half hour and I'm inside the club...rockin'! Then the peer pressure...my best friend and assistant photographer, Donna, and my son. Shiiaaat! The lame excuses, for my boss, runnin' through my head rampantly. Yeah, sweatin' and stompin' at Croc Rock to Dope and Mushroomhead. Yep. There. So there. Plus, the last time I saw Mushroomhead was the best out of all the times I've seen them and Dope......jumpin', stompin'!....So I called in work. Said I had somethin' to do.

It was above 90 degrees again. I think for about the 30th day this summer. A record summer for Jersey heat and I knew there would be some PA heat at the Croc as well. Bring dry clothes. Gonna be a dripping sweat....again. So, I picked up my peers, and off we went. There were a couple of local PA bands opening, but none too good. There was a good crowd. The house was packed with kids. A beautiful thing. It would be a surfin' safari!!A band fron Dallas, TX came on next called, NOCTURN. They had a saaahhhweet lead singer. Big Black boots, fishnets, skimpy bra, tophat. Yeah. F**k yeah. Every song sounded the same and the girl couldn't sing....but...who cares. She was saaahhweet!!! Oh am I really that shallow?................Yep. The next band was SUICIDE CITY. They got the surf rollin'. Real energetic. They had Billie from BIOHAZARD and one of the girls from KITTIE. They got the place jumpin', stompin' and...and.......here he comes, the first surfer, my son as usual. Fist pumping in the air, crashing right on me and Donna, booting us both in the head and sailing over the barrier. Hehe. Let the fun begin. It was great to see Billie, freakin' rockin'!! Always the big Biohazard fan, I've spent some good times under Billie's mic. Watching him rock, puke, and just keep rockin'!!Freakin' Billie, man! Rockin'! SUICIDE CITY raised the temperature considerably.

It was a good DOPE crowd and "DOPE" - "DOPE" - "DOPE" chants started raising the temp some more. Then DOPE came out and raised the roof! Did some good new shit. Got the crowd jumpin' and did some jumpin' themselves. Everytime I see them they're jumpin'. They are some jumpin' motherfu**ers!! Did "Bitch". "Fuck The Police". "Die Motherfu**er Die". They're set was short and sweet and, as usual, I was dripping with sweat afterwards. I was also happy to be taking pics from the crowd again. Alot of bands these days are camera shy, and don't let the general public bring cameras in. Not today. I was trying to get Edsel and Virus in mid-air the whole set. Some jumping motherfahhhhkers, those guys!!

I saw Mushroomhead do a short set at the Louder, Harder, Faster Fest here a couple of months ago. They have a new wicked-ass singer and they were awesome. I've seen them many times before, all good, but they really seem to have matured into an awesome live band to see. They're wicked. They started off with a newer song that I'm not sure of the title, but soon kicked into "Before I Die" and "Bwomp" from the first cd, which are just total kick-ass songs live in front of you. Their single "Sun Doesn't Rise" removed the roof from the building. Hell yeah! "Solitaire Unraveling" knocked out the walls. Of course "Chancre Sore" and the eerie "Epiphany" rocked the sweat from my pores also.

An awesome,awesome evening of sweat and stomp! Even though I've seen both bands so many times, ya just can't turn down an awesome evening of sweat and stomp. Especially, so close to home. Although the ride is short, I still had to strip down in the parking lot and get into the dry clothes. Yeah. We were soaked to the bone. The last ninety degree day of the summer. Saaawettin'!! Although, I'm sure there'll be plenty of ninety + degree days in the Fall and Winter to come.

September 25, 2005
Harm.us - Death, Black, Doom and Gothic Metal WebZine, bandlist, cd reviews, interviews, mp3 and forum
Harm.us - Death, Black, Doom and Gothic Metal WebZine, bandlist, cd reviews, interviews, mp3 and forum
Harm.us - Death, Black, Doom and Gothic Metal WebZine, bandlist, cd reviews, interviews, mp3 and forum
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