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Dark Entries For The Undead: An evening with BAUHAUS - Nokia Theater, NYC 11/11/05
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It's hard to describe the feeling that engulfed me the morning of the eleventh. It was a Friday night and all week long I've been listening to a best of cd called "Crackle", still trying to grasp the fact that I was going to see something that I never thought I'd ever see. Namely, BAUHAUS performing these classics live in front of me. It wasn't really until after the movie "The Hunger" in 1983 that I started to get into BAUHAUS. They performed "Bela Lugosi's Dead" in a wicked opening scene, while David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve, two modern day vampires, killed and bled two victims. I remember loving the movie and paying special attention to the credits at the end to find out who the band was in the opening scene. They had broken up by this time, so I thought I'd never witness them live. I became a huge fan and remember having Peter Murphy and Daniel Ash posters on my wall. On the back was David J and Kevin Haskins and I would periodically switch them around. After Peter Murphy left the band, the other three became LOVE AND ROCKETS and I did get to see them live, in the eighties. I remember being right in front of Daniel Ash. He was amazing, switching from acoustic to electric and back, during the same song!!! He would toss his guitar to someone sidestage and someone else would toss him another one and he'd never miss a freakin' note. It was an amazing performance. BAUHAUS had a reunion tour in 98' but I didn't catch it. Sometimes, I don't want to see bands that are back together from the eighties, because I don't want to see bands that are shadows of their former selves and ruin any great memories that I might have stored of them, but this just seemed different. As soon as these tickets went on sale, I got my best friend and assistant photographer, Donna, to order them up. My son would also accompany us, as usual. I tried to educate them a bit about the BAUHAUS legacy beforehand and if even if they weren't fans then, they sure are now.

The show was at the new Nokia Theater in Times Square, NYC and I had been wanting to check it out since it's opening a couple of months ago. Usually, I try to get to Times Square early so I can walk around and 'take it in'. It's a place that I have loved for twenty five plus years. We were running late and we arrived at The Nokia Theater just in time for the start of the show. The Nokia Theater is freakin' awesome, holding 2100 plus when full. It was full for BAUHAUS. We made our way down to the floor and as soon as we grabbed a spot, the lights went out. I tried to get a photo pass, but was denied, so I didn't even bring a camera. There would be no circle pits, crowd surfers, cuts or bruises. Just a nice comfortable atmosphere. BAUHAUS just slowly walked out and the show began. Brothers, David J and Kevin Haskins struck up a quiet bass and drums and a spotlight shown down on Daniel Ash, spiked hair and sunglasses, jamming out the opening riffs to "Burning From The Inside". Peter walked out and I was in awe. Not so much the tall, thin, dark, Gothic figure he once cast a shadow as, but more a Vincent Price(esque), white shirt, coat and pencil thin moustache figure. Aged, but every bit as awesome of a figure as the opening scene of "The Hunger" some twenty two years earlier. All of them seemed to have withstood the sands of time well. They looked great. And they sounded perfect. Peter's voice was perfect as he crooned through the opening song. They dove into "In The Flat Field" and got things rolling. It was amazing for me to be standing here watching this. Then, "God in an Alcove" with Daniel perched on the speakers playing saxophone and just killing the place running around jammin' that sax!!! After the show my son would say it was the best display of musical ability and talent that he's ever seen so far and the kid has seen alot. My son goes to 98% of shows with me and, at fifteen, has already witnessed the cream of the crop in the metal world, but this was a different experience all together. This was a lesson in music history.

Then, the classics really started to roll. "In Fear Of Fear" then, one of my all time favorites, "Terror Couple Kill Colonel". The amazing "Swing The Heartache" as well as "She's in Parties", and "Passion Of Lovers". I was just in total freakin' heaven!!The show continued. "Silent Hedges", "Kick In The Eye". The whole crowd was in awe!! Freakin' "Hollow Hills" with Daniel Ash playing the guitar using a drumstick like a bow and creating the most eerie, wicked sound I've ever heard from a guitar. Peter and David's vocals being perfect. "Rose Garden Funeral Of Sores", a song that I had forgotten, that left me speechless and today, can still not find words to describe my amazement. And ohhhhhh!! "Stigmata Martyr" and "Hair Of The Dog". They ended the set in a rousing fashion with "Dark Entries", inciting a standing ovation from the sold out crowd as they walked off. I had chills running throughout my body as the crowd clapped and stomped in unison. The houselights never came on so you knew they would return. Surely, they did with Daniel strumming and singing his awesome "Slice Of Life". They kicked into the T-Rex cover of "Telegram Sam" and then yyyyyeeeesssssss!!! "the opening riffs of "Ziggy Stardust". The song was unbelievable!!! The Nokia Theater sound is top notch and BAUHAUS didn't miss a note or a beat and sounded every bit as good today as twenty something years ago. No shadow of their former selves here! They walked off to another roof rattling, rousing ovation from the NYC crowd, who chanted for one more....BEL-A, BEL-A, BEL-A!!The house lights still stayed black. And they returned. A ten minute version of BELA that just blew me away. Every sound effect was there perfectly. I could do nothing but bow to the masters for this performance. And with a final bow, they left one by one to another ovation. An amazing evening with BAUHAUS. Freakin' timeless, man. Timeless.

November 20, 2005
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