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Devildriver and co. - May 26, 2006 - Bogart's - Cincinnati, OH

After seeing Devildriver a couple of months back in Columbus with In Flames, I decided that no matter who Dez and the boys come with, I'd have to see them again. That thought was definitely put to the test once I found out exactly who Devildriver were going to be playing with on their first headlining tour entitled "The Burning Daylight Tour". Artimus Pyledriver, Remembering Never, and Bury Your Dead were announced as the supporting acts for Devildriver and I was stunned. First of all, anyone who has ever been to a Devildriver show knows Dez despises hardcore and hardcore kids. So why the hell would Devildriver choose these bands as their supporting acts? If Hope Dies was actually on the original lineup as well, however, I guess they didn't play the Cincy show, which I wasn't too happy with because I would have liked to have see them. Nevertheless, I dragged myself down to Bogart's to see how this all was going to play out.

I got down there a bit early to kill a few beers prior to witnessing the events of the evening. First up was Artimus Pyledriver, and honestly this band surprised me a bit. I've read a little bit about them but nothing ever really said check this band out. I kind of envisioned them to be more along the Clutch side (due to the fact that they play Southern metal) who are alright in my opinion. But Artimus Pyledriver seemed to take more of the technical death metal route while intermixing Southern groove. Not too shabby overall in my opinion. Next up was Remembering Never, and I would like to retract all previous statements that I have made in favor of anything this band has released or stands for, I apologize. Although I don't think I've done it publicly (on this site I mean) but I feel horrible about stating to anyone that they might want to check these guys out. When your introduction over the loudspeaker is Lil' Jon, you've immediately turned me off. Not to mention that these guys came out on stage looking like wannabe gangsters crossed with "we just woke up from last night" attire as well. But back to the show, at one point, the lead vocalist looks out into the crowd and asks for us to make two mosh pits, one for the hardcore kids so they can do their kung-fu crap, and one for metalheads. Apparently a couple of fights almost broke out (I almost got in one actually) during their show. At this point I'm cursing myself for even paying money to see this crap.

Direct support was Bury Your Dead. Hooray another hardcore band right? Well, I was actually pleasantly surprised with these guys. Even though I only enjoyed maybe a one or two songs from their previously released "Cover Your Tracks", Bury Your Dead played a great mix of tracks from the aforementioned "Cover Your Tracks" with many new tracks from yet to be released "Beauty and the Breakdown". I actually really enjoyed the tracks they played from the new album. I'd have to say that there is more song structure to this album and the guitarwork is sounding a lot better than on previous releases (a la Sworn Enemy's "Beginning of the End"). All in all, I thought they played a great show, they were also geniunely cool to their fans as well during and after the show. Even though it's hardcore, these guys were pretty good.

On to the only reason I went to this concert, Devildriver. Opening with "Before the Hangman's Noose" was a nice change of pace, previously when I saw them the opened with either "End of the Line" or "I Could Care Less". Devildriver seemed to be in full force this evening, playing a range of songs from their self-titled release and "Fury of Our Maker's Hand" including "Hold Back the Day", "End of the Line", "Nothing's Wrong", and "I Could Care Less" among others. The only problem that I had with Devildriver was that they only played about 30-45 minutes and then they were done. They actually only played about as long as Bury Your Dead did. If you are going to headline in my opinion, you should at least play for an hour. Aside from that irritation, Devildriver put on a really good show.

As far as this tour is concerned, I believe I might have seen one of the last shows, so I don't think I can really recommend checking it out. Not that I would anyway. I thought it was a waste of $15 in retrospect, but maybe that's just me. I'd recommend seeing both Devildriver and Bury Your Dead, but probably in a festival setting where there are a number of other good bands or with either as direct support. Never ever see or purchase Remembering Never and if you like them, you are reading an article on the wrong site. Artimus Pyledriver is an up and coming band but I would wait for a full-length release before seeing them.

Next up, 6-6-06, the Metal Crusaders Tour with Vader, Kataklysm, Destruction, The Absence, Graveworm, and Speed\Kill/Hate. First time seeing all these bands and I love all of them so it should be a blast. I'll have the full report of that one after a couple days of recuperation. 'Til then and as always, stay brutal,


June 5, 2006
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