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CE's New Ratings Method

OK, so after going to the trouble of writing an article to explain my ratings system, I've decided to change it, to make it more consistent with other reviewers and websites, and perhaps to help this website's publicity a little bit (no one wants to cite a review giving a 7.5/10 score, even though that's a very good score on my old system).

So, very briefly, this is my new scale. I'll be more or less following Eyeless Sentry's system and grading albums on a 100-point scale according to the following guidelines A/superb (91-100); B/very good (81-90); C/good (71-80); D/fair (61-70); F/poor (0-60). To compare my old ratings to the new ones, subtract six from the new ones and divide by ten.

November 12, 2006
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