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THRASH TILL DEATH - THE MAD BUTCHERS ARE BACK IN BROOKLYN!! Destruction / Into Eternity / Municipal Waste / Magus Beast @ Studio B Brooklyn, NY 2/5/07
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I was just telling my best friend and assistant photographer, Donna, not to worry about our blank schedule for upcoming shows cause things always seem to pop up out of nowhere. We don't have a scheduled show till Lamb of God in mid-March and we'll surely be hurtin' for a show by then. Shiiiiaaaaat! I'll be killin' co-workers by then, if I have to wait that long. All of a sudden. Pop! A friend messaged me and asked if I was going to see DESTRUCTION on their current tour. He was seeing them in Detroit. I thought "F**k Yeah!", but hadn't heard that they were playing anywhere near Jersey. My friend Darren from Michigan messaged me back "Destruction in NY on Feb 5." Shiiiiaaaattt!! I looked on their site's tour page and Faaaaaaaaaaawk!!!!!!! Studio B in NY! Where the freak is Studio B? I couldn't seem to find any info and they didn't have a web site, just a page saying someone from Florida or something bought this place, now called Studio B and is turning it in to a club. Just then something funny happened. As I sat at the computer trying to locate Studio B, the radio station I was listening to, WSOU, said they have a give-away coming up. Two passes for Destruction at Studio B!!!! No freakin' way!!! Caller 15 wins. I call and I'm caller nine, then immediately hit redial and..........Congratu freakin'lations!!!!!!! I win. Shiiiiaaaattt!!! The engineer tells me "Studio B - Banker Street, Baaarrroooklyn!!! O.k. Finally. A call to Donna and it's a date.......with German Thrash legends DESTRUCTION!!

I had no idea how to get there, but I got directions from mapquest, got my co-pilot Donna, and set off for Brooklyn. It was 10 degrees out. Freakin' cold. After an hour trying to find our way over The Manhattan Bridge, we finally arrived in Greenpoint Brooklyn, a Polish section, and found our way around to Banker Street and this Polish Home turned club called Studio B. Man, it was friggin' cold. I had to wear long pants for the first time all year. It was sure toasty inside. When we walked in, the grins came automatically to our faces. Tiny place, but saaahhhweeet!!! All floor. No barriers. Cool for pics. Real cool. There were two local bands on first and they were both awesome. I can't really remember their names and there wasn't many people in the club, but they both kicked ass. I noticed a familiar face, a guitar player for a band I'd seen, but couldn't place the band. When I saw him start setting up on stage with his mates, I recognized them all. MAGUS BEAST from Queens, NY. They're awesome. Old school screaming Metal. They're heavy. I was thrilled to see them. I see them in Jersey alot. They got the place rooooockin'!! They did they're usual set which kicks freakin' butt. The Rise Of the Beast!! Faaawk Yeah!! Love those freakin' guys!!

The crowd was still pretty sparse when MUNICIPAL WASTE hit the stage. I had seen them open for GWAR and knew they were awesome. They're from Virginia and full of high energy and beer bongs!! There wasn't enough of a crowd to throw out boogie boards like at GWAR, but kids were stage diving anyway and crashing to the floor. It was crazy. The Waste is crazy!!! The fact that me and Donna are standing here grinning ear to ear at each other is crazy!! Three days ago we had nothing planned. Hehe. Pop! INTO ETERNITY from Canada came on next. Heavy progressive screaming Death Metal. They seemed to start out kinda slow and were a bit off beat, but it picked up as they went along and the second half of the set was brutal!! They have dual lead guitarists who both freakin' riiiiiiiiiiiiip!!!! These guys were shredding the roof off piece by piece and the singer could go deep and blood curdling and then shatter glass with his high pitch. I wasn't familiar, but am now. They rocked!!! This was one awesome unplanned night. My anticipation was exploding out my ears waiting for what was about to take place. DESTRUCTION! Right friggin' in front of me within arms reach. Turns out that this was Studio B's first show, which was why I could find no info. An intimate crowd of, maybe, two hundred. Oh F**king Yeah!!

Smoke filled the stage and the lights went out! Oh man!! The adrenaline rushed as they blasted old school into "Curse The Gods." Marcel screams "Nailed To The F**king Cross"!! Holy shit. Pandemonium!! They stayed old school with Thrash anthems "Mad Butcher" and "Cracked Brain" before removing the roof with one of my favorite new ones, "The Defiance Will Remain". They blew out the walls with a medley of "Antichrist', "Sign Of Fear and "Release From Agony." I was high fivin' Marcel and bangin' knucks with Mike and it was amaaaazing!!!! "Death Trap", "Life Without Sense" and neck-wreckin' "Thrash Till Death"!!! Oh Faaaaaaawwk! "Soooooooul Collector'!!!! I was sweatin' and stompin and snappin pics right under Schmier's mic!! The slaughter just kept coming. No slowing down. "Desecrators (Of The New Age)", "Reject Emotions", "Eternal Ban", "Unconcious Ruins". Gonna be sore tomorrow!! Hell Yeah!! "Deposition (Your Heads Will Roll)", and finally "Bestial Invasion" to finish off and destroy the swirling floor!! The sparse crowd made enough noise for thousands and "DE-STRUC-TION, DE-STRUC-TION chants could be heard across the Brooklyn freakin' Bridge!! They came back out and pounded "Total Desaster" and "The Butcher Strikes Back" to end an absolutely amazing performance. Ohhhh man!!! DESTRUCTION raaaaaaawwkin' Brooklyn!! F**k Yeah!

I've now seen the big three German Thrash legends. Funny, I could have sworn I heard Schmier say "We'll see you next year with SODOM and KREATOR. Can you imagine that? Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaattt!!!!!THRASH TILL DEATH!!!

February 12, 2007
Harm.us - Death, Black, Doom and Gothic Metal WebZine, bandlist, cd reviews, interviews, mp3 and forum
Harm.us - Death, Black, Doom and Gothic Metal WebZine, bandlist, cd reviews, interviews, mp3 and forum
Harm.us - Death, Black, Doom and Gothic Metal WebZine, bandlist, cd reviews, interviews, mp3 and forum
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