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Megadeth - Blackmail The Universe World Tour, Melbourne 16/4/05

The air was cold and crisp in Melbourne; a night that was ripe for the ripping of metaaal – the Megadeth brand of metal, no less. My good friends Drew, Rae and Ian accompanied me to the Queensbridge Hotel for what was to be a night of awesome proportions - we were to see our metallic lord and savior, Dave Mustaine and his band Megadeth, play a darn good rock n' roll show for the good people of Melbourne to see. Lining up for over half an hour, we attempted to amuse ourselves by telling crap jokes and generally talking shit to one another, making fun of the poor saps wearing Foo Fighters T-shirts and other idiotic looking paraphernalia. Finally nearing the entrance at 8:30, we were lead in to a modernized looking hall chock full of metalheads, and beer fuelled shrieking along to Iron Maiden tunes. We waited patiently at the top balcony, myself talking to John, a former roadie for (Australian classic rock band) Midnight Oil about the finer points of stage shows, metal and the Countdown to Extinction tour from 1991 during the first Gulf War. Another fellow metalhead Jeremy, wearing a Metallica battle jacket recalled how Mr. Mustaine played Holy Wars and dedicated the performance to Saddam Hussein. Rock on.

The support act Dungeon finally carted themselves out at about 9, playing a half-hour set of their aussie brand of European inspired power metal with Lord Tim attempting to channel Dave Murray and Bruce Dickinson simultaneously no less than 20 times throughout. The crowd was responded fairly warmly, but didn’t generate the enthusiasm that the mere anticipation for Megadeth had. The stage went black, chants of Megadeth were abound. At 10:15, the stage blasted with light; Megadeth bounded on in front of a wall of Marshall stack amps, ripping straight into the "first track from our new record", Blackmail the Universe. The crowd in absolute raptures, enthralled at the mere sight of Sir Dave Mustaine. The feeling indescribable. Dave was in fine form, flawlessly and energetically ploughing through Set The World Afire, Skin O' My Teeth, The Scorpion, Wake Up Dead before slowing down marginally for In My Darkest Hour. The crowd went absolutely wild, every single person in the audience headbanging to Hangar 18 and Return to Hangar, played back to back with the red lights and strobes blinding the audience as much as the soloing did. James MacDonough, formerly the bassist for Iced Earth impressed everyone with his bass solos, as did Glenn Drover, who was a great addition to the tour band, the chemistry between himself and Mustaine seemed as the pair had been touring for years.

At one point during the night, Dave was receiving screaming applause just for standing there for two minutes, saying nothing. He's just that good. Half way into the fantastic set, the idiots in front of me left their positions, and their raised seat, that allowed me to see the ENTIRE STAGE in unparalleled clarity, allowing me to see Back In The Day, Sweating Bullets, My Last Words and a brilliant performance of Symphony of Destruction, the unequivocal favorite of the night. Finishing off with a medley of Peace Sells/Paranoid, we were treated to an encore of the much anticipated Holy Wars, Train Of Consequences and Mechanix. Playing for over two hours, we rocked out almost constantly, leaning on fellow metalheads to headbang violently and keep our balances on the rickety makeshift platforms. We mimed the words with fervor, devil horns raised to the roof. Dave smiled as he applauded a banner that read "Fuck Metallica, Megadeth are No. 1" until saying "A doctor said to me i'd never play the guitar again...I think we proved him fuckin' wrong tonight, don't you think?" and thanking us all, and wishing us a goodnight. We were definitely not worthy. Rae, crowned the props queen, gave him infinite props, although I don't think there are enough props in the world that could convey the respect for Dave and his talent. It's a shame to think that I'll never be able to see him in Australia ever again...

April 17, 2005
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