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Louder, Harder, Faster Festival - Allentown,PA June 3rd,4th,5th- DAY ONE Featuring TROUBLE
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The exhaustion of working two jobs every day that I hate was wearing me real thin. Surely, I would soon strangle one of the many idiots that I'm forced to spend far too many hours a day with. The daily death ride commutes on these Jersey highways with too many Pennsylvanian idiot drivers was fueling the anger. No Harcore and Metalfest this year. No March Metal Meltdown. What the f**k Jersey? The Emo-ization of Jersey is f**king killing us softly. Satan help us. Who will make us rise again? Vyagra!! Just in time, the gods smile up at me. Hail Satan and Vyagra Music!!!!!!!!

Enter The First Annual Louder, Harder, Faster festival at Crocodile Rock Cafe in A-town,PA. A three day festival of Death, Speed, Old school, Hardcore and Thrash, Thrash, Thrash!! Thrash is back! The lineups were amazing!! Oh 'tis what I need right now. A three day thrashfest so that my co-workers may live a little longer.

Friday, 6:00pm, The weekend kicks off and Tgod was front and center. A Pennsylvania band called WHEELING BITCH CIRCUS kicked the party off. It was a good start. They were loud and fast. The new form of 'speed' that has emerged. Speed without the leather and spikes. Good, loud, fast Rock'N'Roll! See, the Pennsylvanians only suck behind the wheel on route 78. Next, came some heavy ass power metal from Chicago's ION VEIN. They tore it up. The place was pretty empty, but I didn't care. They didn't care. They tore it the f**ck up anyway. Shiiaaat yeah! A Philadelphia old school metal band called SLIKHEVETIKA powered onto the stage after that. Seering guitar leads and louder, harder, faster metal kicked my arse as well!! This was an event in the making and I was happy again. Me and my best friend, Donna, front and center with Metal blasting in our face. Soooo happy!!

TWIGHLIGHT ODYSSEY from Brooklyn crashed onto the stage next. Oh, how good to hear a New York band that isn't Metalcore. I don't mind the Metalcore, but it's just refreshing to hear a Brooklyn band that isn't. Good old speed with some leather and spikes. A sassy blond leather and sunglasses clad female singer and just louder, faster, harder speed. Hell yeah. They were awesome! Time to go back in time. JAG PANZER with some 80's metal. Yeah. JP. Still freakin' rockin'! Love hearing the old school metal coming back. The singer summed it up good when he said "We're gonna play some 80's metal, which is now 2000's metal". Screaming for vengeance once again. This also set the stage for one of my favorite new old school bands. Metal Mike Chlasciak's PAINMUSEUM. Metal Mike played for Halford after he left Priest and let me tell you, this guy can play!! Metal Mike is the king of the shredders and can sear your freakin' ears right the f**k off!! Tim Clayborne's screaming vocals are unmatched in the new old school metal revival. He can let it out!! Tim rules!! If your a metal head and haven't checked out PAINMUSEUM, take Tgod's most serious advice. CHECK THEM OUT!! Bass legend Steve DiGiorgio was their original bass player and made a cameo appearance. Steve is the man. They kicked some serious butt, man. Metal Mike is the shiiiiaaaat!!!!

I'm not sure if the youngins' remember this eighties, nineties band called TROUBLE, but for us 'older' metalheads, you can just imagine my unbelievable anticipation to see them. I just couldn't believe I was even getting a chance to see them, as they had already split by the time I had really started getting into them. When Eric and the guys walked out on stage it was simply magical. I was surely in awe. Especially, when Eric walked over and shook my hand. Oh yeah, it did make my night. Hearing "Plastic Green Head" live did too. Who'd ever thought I get to witness this. Bruce and Rick were amazing. After about an hour and a half, members from other bands started lining up in front of the stage, bowing to them. They played for 2 hours and every minute was magical. They played some new stuff from their upcoming album and it is hard and heavy. I can't wait for it's release. TROUBLE is back!! I left amazed and sooooo refreshed and this...................was only day one.

June 19, 2005
Harm.us - Death, Black, Doom and Gothic Metal WebZine, bandlist, cd reviews, interviews, mp3 and forum
Harm.us - Death, Black, Doom and Gothic Metal WebZine, bandlist, cd reviews, interviews, mp3 and forum
Harm.us - Death, Black, Doom and Gothic Metal WebZine, bandlist, cd reviews, interviews, mp3 and forum
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