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More than just your average black metal band, drawing in influences from all over the metal realm to create a pretty unique sound.

Country: USA
  1. Funeral Ceremony
  2. For Salvation...
  3. Forever Shrouded Within This World
  4. Sorrow in Winter Darkness
  5. Eternal Nightmare
  6. The Once Forgotten Past
  7. Lost In Illusions
  8. Consumed By Fear
  9. Black Bleeding Soul
  10. Cast Into the Brooding Shadow
  11. Journey to the Lost Kingdom
  1. Chapter I, "The Fires, Burning Cold" - Clouds Donning the Black Sky
  2. Chapter I, "The Fires, Burning Cold" - ...And Hate Embraced This Night
  3. Chapter II, "A Call To Arms" - Legions March Unto Earthly Realms
  4. Chapter III, "The Battles" - Vengeance Before Valor
  5. Chapter III, "The Battles" - A Tears Descent From Heaven
  6. Chapter IV, "A Victory Celebration" - At Journey's End
  7. Chapter V, "The Rebirth" - From Ashes We Rise
  8. Chapter V, "The Rebirth" - Forever Silent
  • Joseph Van Fossen - guitars/vocals
  • Rob Alaniz - drums
  • Chris Price - guitar
Length: 37:50
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