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Metal Mike Chlasciak's(Halford) band featuring members of Testament, Iced Earth, Death, Hatred. Mixed by Roy Z. (Judas Priest)

Country: U.S.A.
  1. 1. The Divine Birth Of Tragedy
  2. 2. Speak The Name
  3. 3. Hosanna Hosanna
  4. 4. Words Kill Everything
  5. 5. American Metalheads
  6. 6. Dogs in a cage
  7. 7. Live and Die
  8. 8. Burn Flesh Burn
  9. 9. PainmuseuM (Metal For Life)
  10. 10.Bloody Wings
  11. 11.I Am Your Keeper
  • METAL MIKE CHLASCIAK- guitars (Halford, Testament)
  • BOBBY JARZOMBEK- drums (Iced Earth, Halford, Riot)
  • STEVE DIGIORGIO- bass (Testament, Death, Sadus)
  • TIM CLAYBORNE- vocals (Hatred)
"Metal For Life" is the ultimate answer to the art of solid memorable songwriting, ripping guitar assault and a breathtaking lineup that reads like a who's who of metal talent played LOUD AND PROUD!
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