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Pacific northwest practitioners of esoteric "grey metal" create hypnotic, dissociative-fueled ambience with hazy, strobing rhythms and water-based recording.

Country: USA
  1. 1
  2. P.S. Nautical
  3. Avalon Polo
  4. Laudanum
  5. Fauna & Flora
  6. Genevieve
  7. Bete Noir
Due to recent comment from the band, the use of the alleged "dieselharp" is now disputed. Your guess is as good as mine.
  1. Northsuite
  2. Winterglow
  3. Fire Bloomed From Frost
  4. Chapelflames
  5. Salts & Ashes
  6. Bloodscents
  7. Fire Bloomed From Frost (demo)
  8. Dieselflame Novapyre 1892 (demo)
Contains previously released albums Chapelflames and the Music For Falling Bridges demo.
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