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Underground black metal band from England

Country: England
  1. The Shell Documentary
  2. In Blooded Sleep
  3. The Belonging
Recorded, mixed and mastered by The Belonging.
  1. Prelude
  2. Setting the scene
  3. Desecration
  4. Dreaming Darkness
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Red Flag Studios UK. Engineered by Guy Farrow.
  1. Plague - Intro
  2. Black Sun Rising
  3. The Shell Documentary
  4. The Calling
  5. Dying In Sorrow
  6. The Belonging
  7. Dreaming Darkness
  8. Setting the Scene
  9. Resolved - Outro
Recorded and mixed at In A City studios, Bradford.
Engineered by Carl Stipetic, mastered by Levi.
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