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A "True" metal parody band from Italy, that write original comical songs. Hilarious, and nifty with their instruments as well.

Country: Italy
  1. True Metal Of Steel
  2. Too True Metal To Be True
  3. The True forest of the Only True Metal and the Other Heavy Minerals
  4. You think it is my Chastity Belt but they are my True Metal Underpants
  5. Magic Warriors of True Metal (so magic that we laugh at Houdini)
  6. Our (true) Metal is so Strong ‘cos our Dick is so Long
  7. True) Metal Fart
  8. Our True Metal Will win
  9. Lung Of Steel (The Ballad of True Metal)
  • Gatto Pancieri 666 - Guitars and Bass
  • Mohammed Abdul - Guitars and Keyboards
  • Uinona Raider - Drums
  • Potowotominimak - Vocals
  1. True Metal Of Steel (New Edit)
  2. Metal
  3. The True Forest Of The Only True Metal And The Other Heavy Minerals (New Edit)
  4. Our Metal Is So strong Cos Our Dick Is So Long (New Edit)
  5. Master Of Pizza (New Edit)
  6. Emerald Fork (New Edit)
  7. Poser
  1. Intrue
  2. Tricycles Of Steel
  3. True Metal Of The World
  4. King
  5. Power Of The Power Of The Power Of The Power (Of the Great Sword)
  6. Metal-La-La-La
  7. Gioca Truè
  8. The Number Of The Bitch
  9. Entra L'Uomo Di Sabbia
  10. Triumphant March Of The Nano-Warrior
  11. Outrue
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