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Sorrowful doomdeath in the style of pre-Turn Loose the Swans My Dying Bride. Lyrics inspired by religious themes.

Country: Australia
  1. The Birth and the Massacre of the Innocents
  2. Injudicial
  3. The Killing
  4. Untombed
  5. The Voyage of the Severed
  6. Haemorrhage of Hatred
  7. Removed of the Grave
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  1. In exordium
  2. Song of the Ancient
  3. I am not alive
  4. The grave, my soul
  5. Gone is my former resolve
  6. Of my darkest hour
  7. Darkness dies
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  1. A moment
  2. I'm not to blame
  3. My thoughts
  4. Betrayed again
  5. Enter in time
  6. Live for the day
  7. Even the walls
  8. Unceasing
Not rated yet
  1. Night Fears Morning
  2. Over the Sea
  3. The Chosen Land
  4. They Tend to Die
  5. I
  6. My Failing Heart
  7. Echoes
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