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Melodic symphonic black metal featuring In Flames Anders Friden on guest vocals

Country: Norway
  1. Origin In Vain
  2. Angels Succumb
  3. Atrocity Upon Deceptions
  4. The Mask Of Sin
  5. A Devil's Rhyme
  6. Craving Path
  7. The Phantom Novels
  • Kenneth Finndahl - guitars, bass, vocals
  • Robert Bordevik - drums, lead & rhythm guitars, bass, clean vocals
Guest Musicians:
Pal Espen Johannessen - keyboards
Anders Friden - vocals on "Atrocity Upon Deceptions", "The Mask of Sin" and "A Devil's Rhyme"
Jesper Stromblad - guitar on "Atrocity Upon Deceptions"
Cover artwork by Bjorn Bjornstad
Recorded at Studio Fredman
Engineered by Anders Friden
Produced by Grievance and Anders Friden
Length: 37:46
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