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A bit difficult to classify. Have numerous influences that span across the brutal death, hardcore, and metalcore genres. Throw those styles in a blender and you have Embrace the End.

Country: USA
  1. It Ate Everybody
  2. Biography Of A Fever
  3. Carbombs And Conversations
  4. Headlines And Death Tolls
  5. Memento Mori
  6. Devil Rides A Pale Horse
  7. Frankie Is A Cutter
  8. Tempest Tried And Tortured (The Bloodening)
  9. After Me The Floods
  10. Fathers Right Hand (My Lai)
  • Jesse (vocals)
  • Pat (vocals)
  • Kyle (guitar)
  • Joel (guitar)
  • Louie (bass)
  • Bart (drums)
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