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Underground brutal band from Poland that combines heavy, alternative and death metal elements. Or just a band that sounds like Meshuggah...

Country: Poland
  1. Never Core
  2. Macheta
  3. Anomaly
  4. Vanishing Celestial Bodies
  • Chupasangre - all vocals
  • Hazub - guitars
  • Sloma - guitars
  • Bocian - bass
  • Buli - drums
All music written by Neurothing. Lyrics written by Chupasangre.
Drums - Maciej Gluchowski @ Candida Recording Studio
Vocals & guitars - Jacek Chraplak @ Laronermma Recording Institute
Cover concept and design by Grupa Collective
Band photos: Daria Wawrzyniak and Asia Ostanska
Produced by Jacek Chraplak & Neurothing
Mixed and mastered by Jacek Chraplak
Released on June 23, 2005
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