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Doom/death band with a sound very similar to My Dying Bride and Draconian

Country: Serbia
  1. Via Descendens
  2. Mephistorium
  3. Of Grandiose Fevers And Passion Arcane
  4. Luciferian Elegy
  5. Towering Grief Behemoth
  6. Serpent Wisdom
  • Arpad Takac - vocals
  • Jovana Karajanov - vocals
  • Kristijan Zavodski - guitars
  • Nikola Cavar - guitars
  • Andras Ispan - bass
  • Davor Menzildzic - keyboards
  • Darko Stojanovic - drums
Recorded January-February 2005 in studio DREAM and studio 42
Engineered by Alen Momirovic and Davor Menzildzic
Mixed and mastered by Davor Menzildzic
Produced by Davor Menzildzic
Booklet design by Kristijan Zavodski
Front cover artwork by Ivan Roxas
All arangements by Tales of Dark
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