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Canadian Death Metal

Country: Canada
Disc 1:
  1. "Quo Vadis Homine"
  2. "Silence Calls The Storm"
  3. "In Contempt"
  4. "Absolution (Element Of The Ensemble III)"
  5. "Pantheon Of Tears"
  6. "To The Bitter End"
  7. "Carpae Deum"
  8. "Point Of No Return: Mute Requiem"
Disc 2:
  1. "In Articulo Mortis"
  2. "Fates Descent"
  3. "Vital Signs"
  4. "On The Shores Of Ithaka"
  5. "Tunnel Effect (Element Of The Ensemble IV)"
  6. "Inner Capsule (Element Of The Ensemble II)"
  7. "Dead Mans Diary"
  8. "Ego Intuo Et Servo Te"
  9. "Legions Of The Betrayed"
  10. "Break The Cycle"
  11. Disc 3 is drum footage of the entire concert, showing the amazing abilities of Yanic Bercier
  • Yanic Bercier - Drums, Vocals
  • Bart Frydrychowicz - Guitars, Vocals
  • Stéphane Paré - Vocals
  • Guests: Souto (vocals) of ANONYMOUS
  • Alex Auburn (guitar) of CRYPTOPSY
  • Dominique "Forest" Lapointe - Bass
Surprisingly good performance with a background choir, violinist and cellist. Godd visual theatrics, as well
QUO VADIS - DEFIANT INDOCTRINATION - DVD | Harm.us - Death, Black, Doom and Gothic Metal WebZine, bandlist, cd reviews, interviews, mp3 and forum
Length: 320 Min.
Not rated yet
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