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Black metal band influenced by eastern and medieval songs/sounds which is pretty obvious when you listen to their music, not sticking to the normal black metal approach, instead creating an original and new but heavy sound.

Country: UK
  1. The Excommunication of Christ
  2. Angelwhore
  3. The Watchers of Catal Huyuk
  4. Agrat Bat Malab
  5. Weeping Tears of Angel Light
  6. Bene ha Elohim
  7. Assault and Battery
  8. Jezebel and the Philistines
  9. Pale Bread Hunger
  10. Rise in Godless Hell
  11. Disembodied Voices of Melchizedek
  12. Falling with Lightning Rays Beamed Through the Blazing Firmament Towards the Untended Burial Ground of Bharsag
  • Metatron - vocals
  • Jaldaboath - guitar, synth
  • Urakbaramel - drums
  • Zephon - guitar
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