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The solo project from Count Grishnackh a.k.a Varg, this is his main project even though he was known for being on a Mayhem album etc. Raw black metal, if you like black metal you'll like Burzum, although some die hard Mayhem fans stay away from Burzum after Varg murdered Euronymous (Founder of Mayhem).

Country: Norway
  1. Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown
  2. Ea, Lord Of The Deeps
  3. Black Spell Of Destruction
  4. Chanelling The Doomer Of Souls Into A New God
  5. War
  6. The Crying Orc
  7. A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit
  8. My Journey To The Stars
  9. Dungeons Of Darkness
  • Count Grishnakh - everything
Side Hate: songs 1-4
Side Winter: songs 5-9
  1. Stemmen Fra TÃ¥rnet
  2. Dominus Sathanas
  3. A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit
  • Count Grishnackh - voice, guitars, drums
  • Samoth (guest appearance) - bass
  1. Den Onde Kysten
  2. Key To The Gate
  3. En Ring Aa Herske
  4. Lost Wisdom
  5. Han Som Reiste
  6. Naar Himmelen Klarner
  7. Snu Mikrokosmos Tegn
  8. Svarte Troner
  • Count Grishnakh - everything
  1. Det Som En Gang Var (That Which What Once Was)
  2. Hvis Lyset Tar Oss (Before the Light Took Us)
  3. Inn I Slottet Fra Droemmen (Into the Fortress of Dreams)
  4. Tomhet (Emptiness)
  • Count Grishnakh - everything
  1. Dunkelheit
  2. JesusTod
  3. Erblicket Die Tochter Des Firmaments
  4. Gebrechlichkeit pt.1
  5. Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale,Saule Der Singularitat
  6. Gebrechlichkeit pt.2
  • Count Grishnakh - everything
  1. Daudi baldrs
  2. Hermodr a helferd
  3. Balferd baldrs
  4. I heimr heljar
  5. Illa tidandi
  6. Moti ragnarokum
  • Count Grishnakh - everything
  1. Et hvitt lys over skogen (Previously unreleased)
  2. Lost wisdom (Demo '91/rehearsal)
  3. Spell of destruction (Demo 91/rehearsal)
  4. Channeling the power of souls into a new god (Demo 91/rehearsal)
  5. Outro (Demo 91/rehearsal)
  6. A lost and forgotten sad spirit (From original Aske recording)
  7. Duet with Mayhem (Previously only on original Deathcrush)
  8. Havamal
  • Count Grishnakh - everything
Length: 47:44
  1. Tuistos herz (Tuisto's heart)
  2. Der tod wuotans (The death of wuotan)
  3. Ansuzgardaraiwo
  4. Die liebe Nerpus'(Nerpus' love)
  5. Das einsame trauern von Frijo (The lonesome mourning of frijo)
  6. Die kraft des mitgefuhls (The power of empathy)
  7. Frijos goldene trane (Frijo's golden tears)
  8. Der weinende hadnur (The crying hadnur)
  • Count Grishnakh - everything
Length: 33:35
  1. Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown
  2. Stemmen fra Taarmet
  3. Lost Wisdom
  4. Svart Troner
  5. Det Som en Gang Var
  6. Jesus Tod
  7. Gebrechichkeit
  8. Balferd Baldrs
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