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Melodic death metal with progressive and experimental elements. Second album is known for strange use of horns.

Country: USA
  1. Together with the Seasons
  2. Almond Beauty
  3. Lit by the Light of Morning
  4. Fashioned by Blood and Tears
  5. Fulfillment in Tragedy, for Cello and Flute
  6. Her Silence
  7. Our Illuminated Tomb
  • Don Anderson - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
  • Brian Yager - vocals
  • John Schlegel - drums
  1. Washing My Hands Of It
  2. Above The 60th Parallel
  3. Snow Covers All
  4. Between Goldberg
  5. Apollo Destroys, Apollo Creates
  6. Song To Fall On Deaf Ears
  7. Summary
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