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Aggressive, by the books metalcore in the vein of Unearth

Country: USA
  1. Fairytales and Motherfucking Poisons
  2. Swallowing the Lies of Tradition
  3. The Convenience of a Disposable Halo
  4. Three Words Kill Me
  5. Underground Tunnels and an Unexplained Death
  1. You Never Say I Love You Anymore
  2. The Significance Of One
  3. When I Was Little I Used To Write Letters To God
  4. I Miss You More On Days That End In Why
  5. What To Do When Your Van Breaks Down In Oregon
  6. It's Hard To Talk With A Gun In Your Mouth
  7. Jakob The Liar
  8. If These Walls Could Talk
  9. We Are All Statistics, We Just Haven't Died Yet
  10. A Severe Case Of Writers Block
  • Clayton Kidd - Vocals
  • Roger Jacobsen - Guitar
  • Nick Holinsworth - Guitar
  • Guy Martin - Bass
  • Ben Smith - Drums
Length: 40:35
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