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Anglo-Saxon power metal (which they like to call "Heraldic" metal) These guys are influenced by Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Manowar, Hammerfall and some Blind Guardian.

Country: France
  1. Winged Messengers
  2. The Kingdom of God
  3. Minstrels of the Kingdom- Festivity
  4. Minstrels of th Kingdom- Poetry
  5. The Rash Ancestor
  6. Forgive you Again
  7. Best Answer
  8. House of Smile- Spiritual Discovery
  9. House of Smile- Vertiginously Whirwind
  10. House of Smile- Omnipresence of the Cross
  11. Celestial Scouts (outro)
  • Ludovic Van Lierde- Vocals/Guitars/Bass
  • Freddy Huleux- Lead Guitars
  • Eric Martins-Guerra- Drums
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