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A hard to describe but appealing atmospheric style. I don't want to use the word "ambient" because that would give the impression of something "soft" while Ras Algethi is a lot more than that. Gentle and highly melodic parts with almost gregorian chants mix in an interesting way with aggressive (not black) blasts supported by a church organ...

Country: Italy
  1. Aldebaran Crossing
  2. The Bride Eternal
  3. When Fire Is Father
  4. Keys Of Urtam (A Translucent Vision)
  5. With An Halo Of Flames
  6. Symbols (In Luce Obliqua)
  7. Nubes Obscura
  8. In White Hypnotic
  • Matteo - guitars
  • Luca - keyboards
  • Huldus - guitars and vocals
  • Mauro - guitars and clean vocals
  • Silvio - drums
Recorded and mixed at New Hammil Studio, Milano
Front cover, layout and digital treatments by Mauro
RAS ALGETHI - ONEIRICON - THE WHITE HYPNOTIC | Harm.us - Death, Black, Doom and Gothic Metal WebZine, bandlist, cd reviews, interviews, mp3 and forum
Length: 57:28
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