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Thrash metal band from The Netherlands. Blends some deathy growls and American flavor into the mix as well. Similar to the Haunted in many respects.

Country: The Netherlands
  1. Enter the Machine
  2. Engine of Pain
  3. Land of the Free (Home of the Slave)
  4. Empty Skies
  5. Home is where the Hurt is
  6. Evocation
  • Ruud Bänziger - Guitar
  • Patrick Waltmans - Guitar
  • Nick Hameury - Vocal implosion
  • Maurice Brouwers - Bass
  • Joep Beckers - Drums
Recorded at the PITStudio in February 2004.
Produced by Hans Reinders. Co-produced by Engine of Pain.
All tracks by Engine of Pain. Intro by Joost van den Broek.
Artwork by Stijn Bannier. Band photography by Kurt Pas.
Lay-out and design by Stijn Bannier and Engine of Pain.
  1. I am Your Enemy
  2. Fuel the Engine
  3. Cycle to Cycle
  4. Heads Up
  5. Close to the Border
  6. Sunrise Express
  7. At the End of the Day
  8. Man of the Year
  9. T4 - The Mass Corruption
  10. Extreme Fakeover
  • Nick Hameury - Vocal implosions
  • Joep Beckers - Drums
  • Patrick Waltmans - Guitars
  • Bastiaan Kuiper - Guitars
  • Maurice Brouwers - Bass
Mixed by Marcel Coenen and Hans Reinders
Additional Musicians:
Ruud Banzinger - All Guitars on all Tracks (Bastiaan Kuiper is credited as guitarist due to his departure.)
Patrick Savelkoul - Backing Vocals
Dennis Schreurs - Backing Vocals
Wilbert Janssen - Backing Vocals
Sander Gommans - Backing Vocals
Hans Reinders - Backing Vocals
Joost van den Broek - Additional Guitar Intros
Length: 41:38
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