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A mix of thrash metal with San Francisco area hardcore and even a slight progressive influence, using only Cantonese vocals, creating a new style known as "Canto-Core."

Country: United States
  1. No Sweet and Sour
  2. White Demon Stir Fry
  3. Chinese Racism
  4. Special Won Ton Soup
  5. $8 Sandwich
  6. 433
  7. No Chop Suey
  8. Chili Relleno Why You Buggin
  9. White Guilt
  10. Hit Your Head
  11. Don't Fear The White Demon
  12. Die Sigh (You Are All Big)
  13. Mo Low (No Brains)
  14. Lazy
  15. Boss
  16. White Demon Bag Of Tricks
  17. Senior Pride
  18. Pythagarythm
  19. It's Easy
  20. Why Are All Your People So Crazy
  21. Radio Star
  22. Lick N Puss
  23. Stick It In
  24. Mail Order Wife
  25. True Words
  26. Straight Outta HK
  27. White In You
  28. Got No Friends to Talk To
  • Alex Yeung - Guitars, Vocals
  • Andre Custodio - Drums
Engineered by Scott Green
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