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Power metal with an distinct and overt Queen influence. Interestingly, Lead Vocalist/Instrumentalist Valensia Clarkson posesses a voice almost pitch-perfect in similarity to the late Freddie Mercury, making the two singers extremely difficult to distinguish between.

Country: Netherlands
  1. Grim Reeper
  2. Metal Majesty
  3. The Extra Terrestrial
  4. Wonderful Life
  5. Magic Chemistry
  6. His Highness Hybris
  7. Maiden Head
  8. Licence To Chill
  9. Everytime It Rains Again
  10. Hope And Glory
  11. Deborah
  12. The Mood
  13. Bulgarian Queen
  14. Symphony In V-Minor
  15. Rock Nor Roll
  16. Stars Tonight
  • Valensia Clarkson - Guitars, Piano, Bass, Synths, Violins and Lead Vocals
  • May Clarkson - Vocals
  • David Clarkson - Drums
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