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The Evil Dead ( Clay )
July 24, 2005 at 02:56:32
I can't see how you can call Unearth, yuck... They're very talented musicians, and they're also extremely nice guys. I've been to several of their shows, most of them back when they were just a simple hardcore band ( I didn't like them really until Oncoming Storm, but I got dragged to a lot of local and hardcore shows around my area ) and they're just oustanding musicians and people. Into Eternity is groovy... I don't see how they're wanna be anything, considering they don't even play straight out prog.
July 19, 2005 at 17:39:54
Totally disagree with Unearth... They are a great band and I think that will continue... Never really got into Opeth... They're alright, but just not my thing I guess... Nile's not for everyone so that I understand... Nevermore's new release really put them back on the map in my opinion... And Into Eternity is complete garbage, sorry, I despise them, horrible wannabe prog metal...
Curumbor Elendil
July 18, 2005 at 23:14:17
Continuing our discussion here for the moment... (Not sure why the previous thread was locked, I doubt it had anything to do with you.)

I like many of the bands you mention, but I would say that most of them peaked some time ago. I'll go through them to give some "fer instances."

> Orphaned Land
Not a great band, but a moderately interesting one. I think their best album was in 1996, but their last album was pretty good too.

> Opeth
First two albums were masterpieces, then they've had several very good or good albums since then. Peaked in 1996.

> Symphony X
I would say that they peaked in 2000, but the last album was nearly as good as the one before. The trouble is, I don't see where they go from here. They've pretty much exploited their sound to the fullest.

> Ensiferum
Not familiar with them apart from a couple of songs, so I can't comment.

> Shadow Gallery
Their album this year was by far their best ever. Still, they're not doing anything super-original. They've basically added several healthy doses of Symphony X to their previous sound.

> Kamelot
Peaked in 2000 IMO.

> Ayreon
A little soft for my tastes, but I'd say their best work was in 1998.

> Therion
Peaked in 2000 IMO.

> Adagio
Not familiar with them, but from descriptions I've read, it's not very original stuff.

> Deadsoul Tribe
They're okay, nothing special, but interesting enough. Psychotic Waltz was way better of course. ;)

> Into Eternity
Yes, they're definitely on the upswing.

> Unearth

> Deeds of Flesh
Don't know them.

> Wormed
Never heard of 'em.

> Nile
Not my thing.

> Nightrage
Pretty good, nothing special IMO.

> Nevermore
Peaked in 1999.

> Living Sacrifice
Not really my thing, but I'd say they peaked in 1994.

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