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October 18, 2005 at 14:14:31
New CD release under Eyes Of The Dead Productions flag !!! ETD CD 001 SOULLESS (Poland) / EXSECRATOR (Italy) “Inheritance of the wicked empire” SOULLESS hails from Poland, “Peri psyches” is its second demo. The band offers four tracks of skilled, twisted and furious death metal, inspired by the masters DEICIDE and MORBID ANGEL but with a vibe of its very own. A whirlwind of twin guitars riffing, lots of tempo changes and blasts, spacy solos, annihilating vocals and an utterly mesmerizing atmosphere will torment your ears !! It contains a DEICIDE cover ( “Lunatic of God’s creation”). EXSERCATOR from Italy are the rawer side of the offering, with its mayhemic drumming, lunatic guitarism and some really sick gurgling desecrations ! An obscure, putrid and blasphemous death metal that’ll kick for sure every INCANTATION or DISGORGE (mex) worshipper’s ass !! Here find its second demo, “Vehemence of human displeasure”. Three newest tracks directly from the most horrid pits of hell !! Two amongst the finest newcoming death metal acts around are here united by this crime. Bonded in the name of brutality, darkness and hate : be prepared to face the truest stench of DEATH !! Find more infos and mp3’s on http://eyesofthedead.cjb.net EODProd@interfree.it
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