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October 26, 2005 at 11:09:30
Hello! The last two months, NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST Webzine ( http://site.voila.fr/NIHILISTIC ) was updated with 3 interviews: DEMILICH: Old school death metal reincarnated for the reincremation of your putrid brain! NUCLEAR WINTER Records: Talking about his label and things around it. I HATE RECORDS: Talking about his label and things around it. 21 reviews: BLOODY SIGN/ LUCTIFERU/ CROMB/ MORTIFICY Split CD CACODAEMON (Fin) The demoniac invocation LP'04 HYONBLUD (Jap) Promo track 2005 KARMIC WHEEL (Fra) Promo CDr 2005 KRATORNAS (Phi) Subterranean sodomies Ep'05 MESEMON ECROF (Bra) Useless way of the cross Demo'04 OUTBURST (Fra) Pure thrash Demo'04 TORTURE ETERNAL (Swe) Sickness and dismembered... Demo'03 WORLD OF SHIT (Usa) World of shit Demo'05 ASSAULTER (Australia) Proselytizer Demo CDr’05 BLUSTERY CAVAET (Gre) Demo CDr’05 CHILDREN OF BODOM (Fin) Trashed, Lost & Strungout MCD'04 CHOKING ON BILE (Fra) Disgruntled Demo’04 CUMCHRIST (Usa) Cumplete CD’02 EATEN ALIVE (Usa) Eaten to deformity Demo'05 MORTA SKULD (Usa) As humanity fades CD’94 MORTOPHILIA (Estonia) Six grinded piles Demo CD’05 NECROPHAGIST (Ger) Necrophagist Demo tape'95 SPHERE (Pol) Spiritual Dope Demo'04 UNMERCIFUL (Usa) Unmerciful Demo’05 VOMEPOTRO (Bra) List of the Dead Demo'04 A new forum has been installed. The previous one was quite crappy, and finally got deleted by the provider for reasons unknown... Feel free to check it to advertise your band, website... No need to register! http://nihilistic.darkbb.com/ Greetz Gab
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