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Last time I chatted with Bjoern Goosses, vocalist of Night in Gales, the band was busy writing their next album Necrodynamic. Now its almost six months later and I'm listening to the final product. Of course, I grabbed another opportunity to chat with Bjoern about the latest happenings with NiG.

Wayfaerer-Last time we talked, you were just about ready to go into the studio for Necrodynamic. How do you feel about the finished product now? After repeated listens, I'd have to qualify it as your best yet!

Bjoern-Thanx for the compliment, Kyle...! Well, how do we feel...?! It's always a kind of relief to know the album is finally released after some months of hard work...! And I think "Necrodynamic" definitely turned out to be an earblastin' piece of motherfuckin' musick...And with a nice cold drink in my hands it's even fun to answer stupid interviews, hehehe...and the festival season '01 is about to begin...so after all, let's say we're prepared for a damn necrodynamic year...!

W-I know you wrote up a studio diary at the official site (www.n-i-g.com), but for those who may not have read it...have any exciting events that occurred during the session?

B-Recording an album is always exciting I tell ya...! Technical fuckups, chaosparties, studio madness & claustrophobia, stressing schedules and so on...But it's a huge impression to watch your own art gettin' into shape. I'm ususally in the studio from the beginning to the very end of the production, and it's amazing to watch an album grow from the first drumtakes to the final mixin' stuff...We had a great time again in Harris' Spiderhouse Studio and I think the album wouldn't be the way it is if we recorded elsewhere...

W-From reading your studio diary, I saw you were having some throat problems during the recordings, did that affect the increased amount of clean vocals on the album or were you planning that?

B-No, this actually didn't affect any creative process...But the voice problem I had was definitely a strange one...Usually I do not have to take care of my throat...Smokin' and drinkin' 'til dawn usually doesn't affect my voice in any way...It rather sounds even better, hehehe... but there was this heavy party night in Berlin city...It was fuckin' raining and we were so wasted...damn...next day I was supposed to begin the vocal takes but I couldn't sing one fuckin' tone...I never had such a problem...I went to the doc and he told me I caught kind of a virus, paralysing my vocal chords...Quite paradox that only the singer of that damn band caught this virus, huh?! However...we just took a short break cause except for the vocals everything was recorded already and a few days later we returned to the Spiderhouse for recording the vocals...This whole thing finally stole 1 or 2 days from our schedule, so I had to record a whole lotta songs within a very short span of time, and due to this fact I'm not really satisfied with some parts...but that's the way it goes...

W-So you're saying the next album will be even more impressive in terms of vocals?

B-Well, I don't know if the next NIGHT IN GALES album will provide more impressive vocals, or more melodic vocals in general, I just know that we're a band that wants to improve from each album to another. So, I'll hopefully be able to present a more intense voicework on "Necrodynamic"'s follow-up...The brutal vocals will most likely be more brutal, and the melodic ones catchier and more effective...I definitely keep this duality, it's just gotta be somewhat better performed... and concerning this schedule fuck up during the last recording session and this strange virus...you always learn during the production of an album...No I realized that I must be even more prepared for such things than I am already...But hey, if you like "Necrodynamic", it must sound pleasant for you when I tell ya next time it'll be far better, huh?! hahaha....

W-Yes, indeed! NiG was also fairly fresh off of leaving Nuclear Blast last time we talked, so how has Massacre Records been thus far?

B-Well, a company is a company... You always have to argue 'bout certain things... Nevertheless the cooperation has been o.k. so far... In general we don't care on which label we are. The only must is a professional, motivated and sincere cooperation... We just had no future perspectives at Nuclear Blast, and for a german band on the german market life's twice as hard I tell ya... So we just pulled the emergency break and signed to Massacre Records, who offered us a realistic yet promising deal, so here we go again...

W-Getting back to Necrodynamic, its early on, but what's the response been like?

B-Pretty good but quite controversial sometimes as well. But I like that... I guess people really think about the album... Fortunately we've got rid of these swe-comparisons finally and both media and fans realized that we found our own dirty way...And "Necrodynamic" for sure leads us further towards the very NIGHT IN GALES style... A funny thing is that for NIGHT IN GALES the best reactions always came from out of Germany... but however, I read a whole lotta reviews so far and until now, about a month after the european release, we did approx. 60 interviews and we've been quite pleased with the reactions so far... At least everyone should check out "Necrodynamic" and judge on his/her own...

W-What do you mean by "controversial"? Are people upset that you left the Swe-sound behind or what?

B-No, people aren't upset due to our less swedish sound, I think. Some guys just had the impression we didn't know what style we wanted to play... There are so many people stuck in categories, you know ?! Some said "Oh, well... these guys don't know what they're doing, maybe they just try to please as many trends as possible..." But fuck it... we definitely do know what we're doin'...! And as long as most of the critics are positive, the people confirm us, it's even good to know that there are some dudes that hate your stuff... at least that's better than being handled as some boring mediocre stuff... I mean, a controversy always goes along with somethin' interesting, huh?! The point is, we just don't care about stupid categories, we just wanna write and perform good hard Metal, that's all.

W-The sound seems to be a bit more "rockin", but still a bit of progression from Nailwork. I'm having a hard time trying to describe it when I talk to people!

B-Yeah, man! That's good... When you like it but have problems to describe that style, it seems to be somethin' innovative, somethin' original, huh?!... Of course we didn't invent Metal anew, but nevertheless our necrodynamic mixture is somewhat innovative, at least we try to do somethin' new... And people like you confirm us...

W-I've only got a promo copy so I'm not sure but the lyrics seem a bit more "normal" this time around, but yet still have that NiG flavor to them. What do you think?

B-I wouldn't say "normal"... But you're right that, according to the musical development, the lyrics have become a little bit straighter and more structured in a way... And of course they still have the N/I/G flavour, at least I still write 'em... It's always hard for me to describe what I've written, cause I don't obey any classical terms or rules of lyricism... I rather try to paint an emotional picture with words, choosing or creating words that are close to what I mean... But actually words stay a description, they rarely get to the core, you know what I mean?!... That's why I often combine words in strange ways in order to create a new words' atmosphere... It's all kinda catharsis for me, I simply must write lyrics even if I sometimes do not want to... I am an inkjunkie... And to give you a little hint at least what the lyrics are about, I would say the "Necrodynamic" stuff is pretty cynical... They're bloody serious but you can find a whole lotta black humor in between the lines... And still there's a lot of space for the reader's own interpretation... Soon we're gonna publish a complete "Necrodynamic" section on our website, also including all the lyrics of course... I think it's stupid that promo copies do not include lyrics, but however, let me close this answer with the words of "The last livin' song"...

it takes a dead man
to write the last livin' song
to twist the last livin' tongue
to sing these last words along

it takes a dead man
to ride the last livin' bone
to set the last livin' tone
to sing these last words alone

i'm pushin' up the daisies
for this reaper's singalong
give it up to the last livin' song
i'm spittin' deadmouth rabies
for the downsome and the wrong
give it up to the last livin' song

it takes a dead man
to ink the last livin' doom
to trip the last livin' tomb
to tear these last words in two

i'm pushin' up the daisies
for this reaper's singalong
give it up to the last livin' song
i'm spittin' deadmouth rabies
for the downsome and the wrong
give it up to the last livin' song

this is the last livin' song

W-Yeah, thats what I like to see. The two word combination is definitely an NiG trademark in my opinion!

B-Yes, definitely, I even have some titles in mind for our next album already... Whatcha think of "Devildonots", "Supersodom" or "Sparereaperribs"?!

W-Haha, "Sparereaperribs", sounds tasty! Whats the deal with the cover? It's pretty cool but I must say it's a bit weird!

B-Hehehe... that's also exactly one of the reactions we want to get on "Necrodynamic"... But great to hear you like the artwork... I'm responsible for the whole visual represantation for NIGHT IN GALES, and I also do artworks for other bands... if you want to get some designdamage, check out www.killustrations.com! But back to "Necrodynamic"... I wanted to use a quite stereotyped metal motive which the reaper definitely is, but presented in a modern, experimental, dynamic and most of all, cynical way... The "Necrodynamic" reaper is no mystical, powerful being but rather a poor idiot from next door, smokin' & chokin', cutting himself with the scythe... and when you look at the back cover, you'll see his glasses beneath my feet.... Thats why we simply beat him up sometimes, hehehe.... It's just an ironical yet serious view on the world with all its dualities, there are always 2 sides of the coin, and some people forget about this... NIGHT IN GALES basicly is an outlet for the rather negative energies we have, but nevertheless we do what we do cause we fuckin' like it, we can even smile on stage, shame on us...! So, according to the music and the lyrics, I guess we found an interesting way to breathe some fresh metal air without losing our roots... And hell yeah... if you won't buy the album, the reaper will getcha...! He may be an idiot, but his scythe is damn sharp I tell ya...!!

W-Haha, wow, I never knew you did any artwork before! How long have you been doing it?

B-Actually I've always been designing the NIGHT IN GALES artwork, but for our first 2 albums someone else has executed the concept. But I must admit that these 2 artworks aren't really representing my ideas... But however... The "Nailwork" artwork has been the first one ever, that I did on my own... We are a band that wants to do everything on their own... So I bought a computer, stole the software and started with the "Nailwork" stuff... I quickly realized that I really like some designdamage... And so, after I did the "Necrodynamic" artwork, I just began to do artworks for other bands... I hope that I'll get the chance to do some nice artworks for cool bands in the near future to build up a good reputation for Killustrations...! And you should definitely check out my website www.killustrations.com!

W-Has Massacre found a US distributor yet?

B-Not yet, which is really upsettin' me, cause we get so much good response from N- and S-America... But we're negotiating with some labels and I'm sure "Necrodynamic" will be available soon...!

W-Well, I've got my fingers crossed for ya. I've been telling people to try to import it but that's too expensive for most people. There are a lot of hungry NiG fans over here!

B-That's great to hear!... Keep your fingers crossed, you really need a little bit of luck nowadays in this monkey business... Yeah, mokey business, Skid Row knew what they were sayin' then, hahaha...

W-Do you have any tour plans as of yet... maybe hit up the US?

B-Oh dear! We wanna rock the stage in the US as soon as possible...! This year we've already played in Japan, which was really killer, and for the months some european summer festivals are scheduled... We'll be on european tour again in autumn/winter this year and for sure we won't forget about touring the US... but you surely can imagine that such a trip demands a whole lotta organization, and though we have some offers, nothing's sure yet... Just take a look on the NIGHT IN GALES website once in a while, there you'll always find the latest tourdates...! www.n-i-g.com...!

W-I read you guys did a lot of partying during the recording session, whats the NiG beverage of choice?

B-My favourite drinks are Caipirinha and my girlfriend's sweat, but you can also make me happy with Gin-Lime, Jagermeister-Red Bull or simply some good beers, Desperados or Miller's for example... The others of the band are basicly into beer, most times Diebels or Kunig Pilsener I guess... but none of them won't say no to some good hard drinks, either, hehehe... as long as it blows our minds, we'll be happy, hahaha...!

W-What have you been doing lately outside of the musical realm?

B-Oh... lots of things... Jens just started studying at a school for audio engineering, so hopefully we'll be able to record our shit on our own soon... (but due to Jens' way of studying it may still take some time, hehehe...), Christian is workin' in the media/advertisement business and just started releasing some classical split singles and 7"s together with Jens for his grindcore project BLOOD RED BACTERIA... Frank is involved in some electrician kind of work and is more into computer games and stuff... Tobias has somethin' to do with software management and besides NIGHT IN GALES he released the debut album with IN BLACKEST VELVET not long ago... I basicly do all the promo and business work for NIGHT IN GALES and besides that I do, as already mentioned, some illustrations for other bands and stuff...But after all NIGHT IN GALES is probably the most important activity in all our lives...!

W-What cds have you been listening to the most lately ?

B-Damn, there are so many fantastic albums around...Old classics like new stuff impress me equally... My collection mainly consists of Metal albums, but i just judge between music that I like and music tht I don't like, so you can find Madonna next to Morbid Angel or Annihilator next to Air... A few of my current faves are... Pantera "Reinventing The Steel", The Tea Party "Triptych", Agents Of Oblivion "Agents Of Oblivion", Down "Nola", ZZ Top "Fandango", Danzig "Lucifuge", Nasum "Human 2.0", A-Ha "Minor Earth Major Sky", Rammstein "Mutter", Corrosion Of Conformity "Deliverance", Led Zeppelin "first", Daft Punk "discovery", Scorpions "fly to the rainbow", Defleshed "fast forward"... etc etc.....

W-I must tell you that "Go Get Some Death" is one of the coolest song titles I've heard in a while! Would it be possible to use it for one of our banners?

B-Thanx... of course you can use it...! As long as you keep its origin in mind, hehehe...

W-Well, thanks for the info man! Got any comments to the NiG fans?

B-Yeah... go get some death...!! How you can do this?! Well, buy "Necrodynamic", hehehe...!!!

May 29, 2001
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