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Despite releasing two full-length cds in the past, I hadn’t heard of Deadlock until their recent Lifeforce Records debut, Earth.Revolt. Bassist Thomas Huschka was able to take a few minutes to give us some more information about htis up and coming melodic death act.

Wayfaerer-First off, describe Deadlock to someone who hasn't heard the band before.

Tom-Deadlock is a melodic Death Metal Band from Germany. The music is deeply rooted in mid-tempo and the harmonic twin guitars are the typical trademark of Deadlock.

Wayfaerer-Is there any special meaning behind the name Deadlock?

Tom-We chose the name Deadlock because of its economic component, defining an industrial shutdown. We liked the idea of the industry steering into chaos.

Wayfaerer-Earth.Revolt is your 3rd full length release, how would you compare it to your earlier efforts?

Tom-We were able to raise the quality of the new songs to the next level musicalwise. You can recognize a clear development of our songwriting skills. The songs sound straighter and more mature. We still like our old songs, because the experience to write them made it possible to step forward.

Wayfaerer-What was the band's approach to songwriting on this disc?

Tom-We wanted to create a record full of harmonies. We like flowing songs with nice guitar leads. In order to be not too soft we integrate many powerful and aggressive mid-tempo parts. The double bass is maybe the most typical aspect of these. I think these are the most important components of our own style.

Wayfaerer-I've got to say, Earth.Revolt is by far one of my favorite discs of the year. How has the feedback been in general so far?

Tom-It´s a big honour for to be on your favorite-list this year, thanks a lot! We received fantastic feedback so far. We hoped to get some good reviews, but the amount of really good responses even surprises us. It is great when people actually like what you create.

Wayfaerer-There are a number of different influences one could cite on Earth.Revolt (melodic death, black, etc). Are there any bands that are a major influence for you?

Tom-The musical tastes within the band differ a lot. Almost every band member has his own favourite bands, so there are no single bands as direct influences. But everyone of us of course acknowlegdes the work of other bands and so we are influencedby some bands subconsciously. It is possible that some of these bands are from Sweden I guess.

Wayfaerer-Reading through the lyrics, Earth.Revolt appears to be a bit like a concept album. Is this a correct assumption?

Tom-You are absolutely right. If you read all the lyrics at once you will recognize, they are one big story about a male protagonist. Our vocalist Joe created the whole lyrical concept.

Wayfaerer-Do lyrics play a key role in Deadlock's music?

Tom-The lyrics probably do not play a key role, because the music should speak for itself, but we take them seriously. They are our chance to contact people in a pretty direct way. We make use of the lyric`s possibility to carry our vegan message.

Wayfaerer-As an environmentally conscious person, the lyrics really struck a chord with me. Do you feel there is a solution to our environmental problems or has mankind essentially damned themselves?

Tom-This question is a hard one. There is no one sided answer to the question. Economy is essentially important in every country`s social contract. So every one of us is indirectly dependant on economic security. But we feel there has to be some change or progress. The way economy works today will not guarantee a vital environment for our offspring and their following generations.

Wayfaerer-Getting back to the music, I did some research and discovered keyboardist and vocalist Sabine Weniger is not a full-time member of Deadlock. How do your live shows work?

Tom-Sabine is indeed only a guest musician in the studio, so she is not with us on stage. The keyboards are no problem. Our drummer Tobi plays via click and coordinates the keyboards with his laptop. The voice of Sabine is simply missing live, which is also no problem, because she plays no major role in the new songs, except in the song “Awakened by Sirens“. We decided not to play that song live.

Wayfaerer-Do you have any live shows planned in the near future?

Tom-We already booked some summer festivals, which have great line ups so far. We are looking forward playing them. We also plan a short Scandinavian tour in October and maybe a bigger tour in fall.

Wayfaerer-Becoming a vegan means giving up a lot of things. What made you decide to live this lifestyle? What does veganism mean to you?

Tom-Veganism is the essential part of every band member`s life. All of us are dedicated to live vegan, so this means everything for us. We think veganism is a fitting solution for the unnecessary exploitation of animals and nature as a whole.

Wayfaerer-What do you guys do outside of Deadlock?

Tom-We are pretty ordinary guys. Our first guitar player works in a hospital, whereas our drummer has set up on his own business and distributes vegan food. Our vocalist works in the managment section of a German icehockey team, and the second giutar player and myself go to university. And we all like playing soccer.

Wayfaerer-What's your favorite cd you've heard this year?

Tom-I already had the chance to listen to some new, yet unreleased songs of the German metal band Fall Of Serenity. Everybody interested in brutal swedish styled Death Metal should give them a try, they are really good and already released some records.

Wayfaerer-Thanks for the interview! Anything else you'd like to mention to the harm.us readers?

Tom-A special thank you goes out to you for making this interview and giving us the opportunity to present ourselves to your audience. We also thank everyone interested in our music. Check out Earth.Revolt!

July 8, 2005
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