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First of all guys, let me congratulate you for being born in the metal world with a great debut.

Veilroth: Thanks thanks.

What have been the feed back so far?

Veilroth: The feedback has actually been quite good from media and listeners but of course there are always some who have disliked, who cares anyway, eh. It’s all same to me what feedback is ‘coz this is Dark Art only to please our, Calvarian souls. Not music created for others, you know.

Can you explain us what is the story / concept behind The Skull of Golgotha?

Veilroth: From lyrics I can tell that those deals with Satanism, hatred, misanthropy and such things. About music, Satanic hymns in the Nordic vein. “The Skull Of Golgotha” represents jesus’ skull smashed to pieces in Calvary, demonstrating the scenario of it.

We all know black metal saw the day in Norway. How is the Finnish scene regarding this genre of music?

Veilroth: Nowadays I think it’s much better than what Norway has. We have really good and devoted BM bands here and not just those space-oriented metal bands that Norwegian’s have come. OK, there are always some exceptions but mostly like that.

I also happens to know the catholic religion has been way too present in your country. Is this at the root of the black movement?

Veilroth: Well, sure, in a way. But for example in Calvarium we stand against all low-life religions.

Would you consider yourselves as Satanists or simply anti Christians and / or religion as such?

Veilroth: Simple question and simple answer, Satanists, each of us in own way.

It took a lot of efforts to get this first release out and some songs were re-done to get this sound that I would qualify as melodic black metal (mixing old school with modern sound). Some purists might turn their noses up saying it is not “kult”. What are your thoughts regarding this?

Veilroth: I can actually understand such opinions, yeah. Even in our own minds debut turned out a bit too polished than what was supposed to be, but hell, it was back then and now is now. I mean, we have released follower, MCD, called “Assaulting The Divine” and that’s more (sound wise) into vein as we really prefer. Songs are good in debut but sounds, yes, those could be rawer. Still, we are proud of our every work, no doubt of it.

I can hear some keyboards but it is not mentioned. Who plays them? Congratulations about using them, it really adds to the mood.

Veilroth: Hmm, the info about synth player is on the booklets but I think you have that cardboard promo CD version from the album, right? On it there is no synth player mentioned. The player is Sargatanas.

Some venom tongues say that keyboards don’t belong in black metal. I suppose you think otherwise but I should let you say so.

Veilroth: Touch of medieval atmosphere in my opinion is welcomed to BM, it doesn’t bother me, it’s the way how you use them.

Who are your favorite bands?

Veilroth: There are a lots of them, I listen metal almost in all genres (spit on white metal, nu-metal and alike of course), varying from Beherit to Iron Maiden.

Any non metal music you are into?

Veilroth: Not really.

Do you consider your music as dangerous and might get people to commit regrettable acts?

Veilroth: Well yeah, and that’s only good.

What is your vision of today’s world as far as the music scene is concerned?

Veilroth: As long as there is music scene at least I can bring my thoughts out from my depths and that is only great thing.

Any thoughts or propaganda you’d like to share with the world?

Veilroth: Gloria Satanas!

Thanks for spending some time and ideas with us.

Veilroth: Thanks for the interview.

July 23, 2005
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