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Not normally one for grind, I have always made an exception for Finland's Deathbound due to their sheer intensity and superior songwriting skills. Hot off the heals of their sophomore release, Doomsday Confort, vocalist Kai Jaakkola was able to take a few minutes to give us an update of the goings on inside the Deathbound camp.

Wayfaerer-First off, congrats on the new album. How's it being received so far?

Kai-Thank you very much, the response has been almost too good again heh. We are always kinda baffled with all the good reviews, as the debut also got such a good response from media and fans. I don’t know maybe it’s time to trust in ourselves a little bit more. Alot hard work has been put into this so we are very happy mothertruckers.

You had a few line-up changes since To Cure the Sane With Insanity. Do you feel you have a "solid" line-up at this point?

I would surely hope so, but even though we’ve had line-up changes, the core of the band has stayed the same. Me and Pete are the main driving force in this band, but Sami who came into the band for “Doomsday Comfort” has done alot of good work also. Q was away for awhile, which was quite a stupid descision in the first place cause now he’s back again hahah. It’s better to have session guys helping us out these days, and keep the recording line-up the same. To answer your question, our recording line-up is solid. But the live line-up is with session members. But there are so many good guys who can play the bass so there’s no problem.

Did the infusion of new members affect the songwriting process?

Well no, cause Sami came into the band after we started doing the gigs for “To cure the sane...” album and started making riffs almost directly. So Pete and Sami have done collaboration here and it has worked out great. Although Sami is a drummer in DB he also plays the guitar and bass very good, a multitalent so to speak. Pete is nevertheless the main songwriter in this band. And the thing with this kind of music is, well you can’t have jam sessions like a rock n roll band or whatever so it all is created at home and brought to the rehearsal. So the songs don’t need four or five drunks at the rehearsal taking them apart again and again heh.

Was there anything you really set out to accomplish with Doomsday Comfort that you thought was missing on your previous disc?

Well choruses for one, litlle more variation in the songs maybe. We tried to get a more normal song structure this time around, I guess you can hear it quite well? There is a minor dose of rock and punk inside the chaos to keep it all intact, so you can understand the songs better.

How was it working with Mieszko Talarczyk? I'm assuming this one of the last recordings he worked on?

It was very nice doing this album with him, but to tell the truth we had a very tight timeschedule so most of the work was done when he had gone home. He just prepared the sounds and we recorded the shit together in the nightly hours, which also worked out fine. Because the town of Orebro is not that much of a party place in my opinion and we weren’t drunk allday long. So we got alot of the stuff done very much earlier than we had planned. We had 10 days all in all for the studio, 1 day of mastering counted in that. We thought that we would have like 3 days maximum with the mixing and mastering, but it all went so fine that we had 4 days with mixing and 1. day mastering! Of course it helped alot that we had done alot of pre-productions so that no real suprises popped up. All in all a very pleasent studio session and Mieszko (grind god bless his soul) was a very nice and professional bloke.

By watching your "making of" video on the website, it looks like you had a good time in the studio! What brought the decision to post these for all to see?

The session was as relaxing as it can ever get, those clips are mostly done when we are alone in the night hahah. That’s what too much coffee and cigarettes do to you! And of course a very large dose of grindcore! Dont’t know what the reason was, maybe we are some kind of masochists who want to embarass ourselves?

I guess my follow-up question is, does the "fart dance" really work?

As a cure for insanity maybe? Heheh, you have to relax in someway and if you can’t have a beer or ten? Well do the fart dance, it has no rules just shake it baby.

Just like last time, you guys have some great cover art, was there anything you really wanted the listener to say when they see it?

We wanted it to be more mature and more “here’s some more chaos for you crazy fucks!”, the thing with the art part is very difficult in my opinion. We had some very ultra brutal shit done by a friend called Jukka Siikala who’s done art for Enochian Crescent and ...And Oceans but we chose a little milder art for this. We will probably use his work as a T-shirt print someday?

Having members that play in several other bands, is it ever hard to get everyone together at the same time?

It’s just good organization nothing more, although I have to admit that sometimes it’s difficult. But so is life. Summer time is the most confusing one you know; festivals, weddings, vacations, new releases and shit like that.

I was looking at your merch section online and thought the back of your shirt (Blastbeats to stop your heartbeat) was a great slogan! Do you feel it's an accurate description for those who haven't heard the band?

Of course! I came up with that one odd evening, hope I didn’t steal it from someone? If I did? Well, let’s hope it’s a good band then haha.

Any gigs coming up in the immediate future? What's the Deathbound live experience like?

We did an exellent gig last weekend at Jalometalli Festival here in Oulu, Finland. Now we are just planning some longer tours to do, one-off gigs are coming up here and there.
How we are live? Alot of sweat and goodtimes, tight as a motherfucker also! Four guys giving it all to the crowd!

What do you see in the future of Deathbound?

Loads of interviews, gigs and just promoting this new piece of insanity. Hopefully a good tour with a good band.(or any band for that matter).

Heard any good music lately?

The new Napalm Death-the code is red.... is amazing! Life of Agony-Broken valley, Soilwork-stabbing...,Strapping young lad-alien, C.O.C.-in the arms of god. That’s about what popped into my mind.

Thanks for your time and best of luck in the future! Any last words?

Thank you very much for a pleasent interview Kyle!
All readers should go to the store or our homepage and give Deathbound a try, hope we get you convinced! See you at the show.

August 30, 2005

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