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Interview with Vesania

Recently signed to Napalm Records, Vesania is ready to invade the world with a very impressive release by the name of God The Lux and this new association will surely help giving the band the exposure and it credit it deserves.

Congratulation guys for your outstanding album God The Lux. Being the first to be released by Napalm Records, we should be lucky enough now to get the future work you will be doing. How did this venture (Vesania) begin and what is its meaning?

Thank you for nice words. We started the band yet in 1997. We get through few lineup changes during these eight years. Now it looks like it’s established; it’s Daray (on drums), Siegmar (keyboards), Heinrich (bass) and me (Orion – guitars and vocals). We’ve got three official releases. One is just a short stuff, called ‘Moonastray’ and released on split CD with Black Altar in limited edition. Then we have first album called ‘Firefrost Arcanum’ (2003), released by Empire Records in Poland, then licensed to Crash Music (for Europe and US). Now, our second album is out. It’s ‘God The Lux’ released by Empire in Poland and Napalm Records for the rest of the world. We’ve signed a management contract as well, so everything goes in a good direction so far. The word ‘Vesania’ itself means everything what is connected with madness. Mental disease, insanity, dementia; this sort of things. It’s pretty much how do common people see what we do from their point of view, isn’t it?

What lead you to a deal with Napalm?

After the first album we became a well-known band in Poland. Empire Records is a good label and they’ve done much to support and promote us here. But they’re local. So the album was licensed to Crash Music, but we didn’t get enough support from them. We decided to find something better with recording the second album. We get few offers and together with Massive Management we decided to choose Napalm records. They’re good, professional label, long lasting and reliable company. They’re quite big, but not huge; it’s better in our opinion to be one of the priorities of the smaller company than in the end of the list of the giant one. And Napalm offered best promotional plan for us. And that’s what we need the most, being not known band outside of Poland. The cooperation is doing really well so far.

The cover art is different than the one from Empire Records. Is it for legal reasons or something?

Not really. The thing is that not only one designer created artwork for us. So we had an opportunity to choose. If it was like this, why don’t we make each our release something special and unique? We decided to go with a complicated and sophisticated cover in Poland. What is more – we had a chance to do really long and extended booklet in Empire Records release. As we’re only just starting with Napalm and rest of the world in general, we chose something really easy and noticeable. So, on Napalm’s release, on the cover, there’s just our band logo and a symbol that we’re using from the very beginning of the band.

I really like the pentagram stylish design. Any idea if a shirt and/ or sticker available or plans for it?

Thanks. This ‘V’ letter encrypted in pentagram is based on our first logo. Our first guitarist has made it. Some merchandise is coming soon, no worries. We’ll use this symbol for sure. It’s one of the most important symbols for the band.

I keep discovering new talented bands from Poland and it seems that your country is in constant development in the underground scene. Names like Lux Occulta, Thy Disease, Shadow Land, Indread Cold and of course Vesania comes to mind. How do you explain this phenomenon?

Our conditions might be the reason for it. I mean we don’t have easy lives here and certainly not good conditions to run a metal band. Polish people are not earning too much money and equipment here is extremely expensive. It all together makes musicians really determined. To have a band here means to resign from many other things, means to sacrifice a lot. That might be the reason for having good bands – those, who can survive are really devoted to what they do, so they make good music. That’s the only explanation that comes to my mind.

Whatever happened to Lux Occulta after they broke up?

This was one of the unluckiest bands from Poland. Really talented, original and innovative. But they had to finish Lux Occulta because of the reasons I told above. Not having a good contract after so many years makes people resign… That’s it. The vocalist is a journalist. He used to work for one of the Polish metal labels, was responsible for promotion and public relations. Now he changed the company. Keyboard player – I’m not sure. But I heard that he’s got some new stuff composed. One of the guitarists and the bassist still play in their own band – Decapitated, and they’re doing really well. That’s all I know. I talked to Jaro.Slav not long time ago. They’re not planning anything as a band in the nearest future.

I would dare comparing your music as a blend of Limbonic Art and Thy Disease. How would you like to describe yourself?

That’s a surprise. I often hear the comparisons to Emperor and Dimmu Borgir, but I’ve never heard this one. Yanuary from Thy Disease will be glad to hear it, he’s a good friend of mine. But seriously, I never compare our music to any other band. It’s journalist’s thing. And I let them do what they like to. There’s always a must to classify the music, especially metal band has to deal with this. So what I say is ‘modern black metal’. This I guess says everything that can be said by the name of the style. I do not like to find out very long, complicated and sophisticated names for the genres of music. I feel like you cannot fully describe the band like Vesania in few words naming only the style. It’s a complex, layered music. We’re very particular about the details of it. It’s pompous, dynamic, clear-sounding black metal, but full of keyboards and atmosphere. The main feeling in our music is anxiety – that’s what you can feel about Vesania.

What are the bands from Poland that you feel would deserve a better exposure or that would suggest us to look for?

We have some good bands. I’d suggest: Dies Irae, Decaptitated, Azarath, Thunderbolt (last album is really good). And I have one special band for you, it’s called Sui Generis Umbra. I’m not really into this kind of music (it’s dark-wave or gothic industrial, I don’t know, I’m not good at it), but this band is really worth looking for and checking it out.

How is it to be living in Poland in 2005?

I don’t know why, but I like this place. It’s not a problem at all to move to another country from here, but I don’t feel like doing this. Maybe because Poland is still cheap and I can live only from being a musician. Poland is pretending to be one of the European countries, so everybody here (in bigger cities) is pretty much not different than any other EU citizen. Strong competition for money, for better job, you know what I mean. I don’t have to be in the middle of things here, because I’m still on tour or dealing with lots of my personal stuff. So I don’t even have time to feel how it is like to be living here. I don’t complain. If I did, I’d find better place to live in.

What do you think about politics?

All I can see in politics is corruption. All I can think about it is just dirty money, dirty tricks. I’m not good at politics, and I’m not even trying to be. It’s the day of parliament election today in Poland (funny to be answering this question today). I’m not going to vote, because there’s no even one I could trust, or, I know too little about these people. That’s good picture of my point of view about politics.


Every religion as an institution is enslavement. For both, body and soul. Every religion as a spiritual thing only, is just man’s idea for understanding some things he will never understand.


That’s the plague of our times. Especially religious terrorism. It’s impotence of guru’s that makes people involved. It’s stupidity of blinded human beings what leads people to be terrorists. It’s threatening but it works. It makes huge governments and countries impotent. But it’s pitiful. The way to change the orders is creation, not destruction.

Well thanks for your music and time guys. The final words belong to you. Whishing you a long and successful journey.

Thank you very much for this interview. I hope we’ll have a chance to talk again in the future. Thanks for appreciating our job and for your support. I hope that one day we’ll have a chance to tour in your country.

September 26, 2005

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