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Little Dead Bertha is an old metal band from Russia and they have changes several metal styles during all these years. Their latest release "Way Of Blind" is very interesting and it combines all the elements that can be found in their previous releases too. Their guitarist, Sergey spent some of his time to answer my questions...

Bleeding: Hello my friend, how are you? I would like you to tell us in brief some things about the history of the band.

Hi all! This Sergey (guitar) from Little Dead Bertha. Our band was formed in 1994 in Voronezh (Russia). We have begun as thrash-metal band, afterwards played the doom-gothic metal, and presently our music I have named the melodic death/doom/black. We are often playing on metal-shows and have recorded four albums for these years.

You have changed many musical styles throughout these years. You started as a thrash metal band and you have released even a gothic album! What’s the story behind these changes?

Yes, we began to play thrash-metal , but it was in long ago, when group was not yet formed completely and didn`t have a general music idea. First line-up were: one guitar, bass, drums and vocal, afterwards we have taken rhythm guitar and violin and have begun to play more slow and melodic music. In that time the doom metal music was very popular in our country and we also liked this music. Our first and second albums were in stile of the doom/death and (a little) gothic-doom. When we are finished record of our second CD, several musicians leave the band and several months we had an emergency rest. Afterwards change was found and we have began once again. When we have a rest, an experiment idea was born. This is idea to record the album in the other stile, not so heavy. Also we are needed a time to play well together on simple songs and riffs. Additionally on sound was reflected that we have not been able to find the new rhythm guitarist. So was born the album "Light and Shadows". I have not named its gothic only, I think this will possible name gothic metal or melodic metal. After record CD, we have understood that we want to be a more brutal band and play become heavy music. We have written the new songs, more doom, death and even black metal! This and became the new album "Way Of Blind".

Which of all these styles you would like to forget and which one is the most representative of the band in your opinion?

Many people know about our early albums, (because they was published on MC and was sell out many copies) and he wait that we shall always be a doom-metal band. But this not so, we do not want to stand on place, want to go onward and develop. Presently we write the songs for the our following album, and they else more brutal, than "way of blind"! So, if you want to know what wait from LDB further, you must listen the "Way Of Blind" and wait else more. But i never forget nothing, all our styles - a way of our the development, we passed it and I like and proud of each our albums.

You have a brand new album, “Way Of Blind”. Are you satisfied with the result or there is something you would like to change?

Never it is possible to be completely satisfied, I think. I am a little discontented the sound of album. And else bad, that we have recorded the album, but some songs were born in studio and were not played on live show before recording. Now we play this songs on show and they sound else more energetically, than on CD. But we are learn and shall take into account their own mistakes in the future. But in general, "Way of the Blind - is very great album and we like it very much!

What are your expectations from this album?

Certainly, we expect, that many people in Russia and in the world listen this album and he likes him. And they will speak - "Wow, Little Dead Bertha - is great band"!

Something else I would like to ask you is about the drums of “Way Of Blind”. Are they real or did you use a drum machine? I ask you because in the booklet you don’t mention a drum machine but they sound like this to me.

Really the drums track is combine. A part that played the alive drummer, a part that ( something like "true black metal themes" ) - is a drum machine. But sound alike everywhere because we are used the drum-module Roland-TD10.

Tell me a few words about the lyrics of the album? How important are they to you and what is their connection with your music?

It is difficult to speak about lyric for me, sorry. The lyrics has written our vocalist Dmitriy. Now he is not a member of Little Dead Bertha and can not answer your question. I think, this is some personal for him.

What was the best and what the worst moment in the history of the band?

So, not even know. The worst moment - in 2002 probably. We are playing a show and we have drunk the many-many alcohol before it. We was very drunk and played quite bad. I was much shame on you before people. About the best... Always great, when come out from studio after recording album, which spend much time and power. But in general, probably, our best moment will be in a future.

Have you planned any live shows to promote your new album?

Yes, we have a little tour on Russia at May 05, afterwards summer we are playing 2 shows in Belorusia (earlier this was a part of USSR, now is a independent state). Also we playing several show at autumn 05, and at the end of this year we go again in tour on 5 cities of Russia. We advertise our CD, and they are well sold. Also we communicate with musicians from the other band, with fans, with press and this very good!

Tell me a few words about the heavy metal scene in Russia. Are there any new good metal bands?

Presently, there is many good band in Russia. We go on miscellaneous city and play with miscellaneous band together and often see really strong band. However still difficult to play the heavy metal music here. Many people are still afraid this music, and we have a difficulty with place to show, with the press, radio, TV etc., however, gradually all become better.

If Little Dead Bertha had the chance to support a band of your choice which one would that be and why?

We really don't care. If we play in a show with any good and professional band, then this is great, because this is a good possibility to learn from them and on this show always comes so much people, which were never able to see Little Dead Bertha. But if you still want my answer, that is Cradle of Filth.

I have nothing else to ask you. Thanks for your time and good luck to your band. Closing is yours...

Thank you for interview and interesting questions. Best regards to your magazine and all heavy metal fans from Greece! Listen Little Dead Bertha and other good bands and excuse me for my very bad english.

November 9, 2005
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