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Few discs this year have made such a lasting impact as The Project Hate's fourth release, Armageddon March Eternal. Harnessing the force of brutal death metal and combining it with electronics and angelic female vocals, AME feels like the band has truly realized their unique vision. I was able to contact guitarist and co-founder, Lord K Philipson, who filled me in on many aspects of the new disc and the band itself.

Wayfaerer-The new disc, Armageddon March Eternal, is a monster! What kind of a response has it been getting so far?

Lord K - We are very aware of the fact that it's a fucken monster this one. Most people seem to understand that as well, though there's been a few average reviews, just as always. Can't please everyone you know. To us the album is perfect and that's a rare thing to feel. There's not a thing I want to change on it.

The band dedicated AME to Mieszko Talarczyk (R.I.P.). Did this push you even further to create the best disc possible?

As we planned and wanted to record this album with Mieszko (it was not 100% certain we would though since label Threeman obviously didn't have the money for it), the Tsunami-incident drastically changed things. Dan Swano and I came to an agreement that we should do this album together, in the name of Mieszko. I remember that Dan said, while we were working with it, "This one is for Mieszko" and it is. I wasn't the best of friends with Mieszko, but we had worked on 2 albums together and it really feels horrible what happened. Just so fucken unfair. He was a killer-producer and really helped us improve on our previous effort, "Hate, Dominate, Congregate, Eliminate". Some of my friends were real close with Mieszko and this album goes out to them as well even though it is definitely recorded for Mieszko himself. He is missed.

AME marks the second time that you've worked with Dan Swano. How did it feel to be back recording with him?

The way we worked with this album is the best solution for us. We have no deadlines anymore. We don't book 2 weeks in a studio, we just record in different places when we feel like it. This way we can work so much with the material and really make it perfect, without thinking about deadlines. This is how I wanna record in the future as well. Dan really worked his ass off and I have never worked for so long with an album, analyzing everything to the fullest and so on. It shows, the album is, as mentioned, perfect. Dan's a long-time friend and he really understands me and my music so it's awesome to record with him. It's very relaxed.

In relation to past albums, what do you think are the biggest improvements to the band's sound on Armageddon March Eternal?

It's the same shit, only perfected. It's more of everything. It's definitely more brutal than anything we have done in the past, and I have no idea how this happened. This is what came out of us this time. We got the best riffs and arrangements ever as well as the most awesome vocals I have ever heard. It's just everything I always dreamed of being able to create and I thank everyone included in completing this piece of plastic.

Michael Hakansson was recently enlisted as a full-time bass player. Was there any reason behind choosing him?

Yeah. He's a fucken ace bassplayer, that's why. And he's also a fucken killer-guy. Completely stand-up and down-to-earth. I love the guy and having him join the band feels fucken awesome. He really added to the fucken domination that is this album. Just as I wanted him to. We are very happy he wanted to be with us.

Jo's vocals seemed to really step up a notch on AME, has she been doing any vocal lessons?

Not that I know of. She worked with a vocal-coach this time though and he really brought out the best of Jo. I just think she felt more secure with us this time around since she had met us and played with us for some time now. On "HDCE" she had met some of us like once, but still she did a great job. But her vocals on this one are something else. I'm damn proud of her to say the least.

With the exception of your previous album, Hate Dominate Congregate Eliminate, all your songs seem to have rather lengthy titles, any reasons behind this?

I like it that way. It seriously has nothing to do with anything but me liking longer song-titles. I have no idea how it'll be on the next album and I don't really care as long as the title in question is appealing to me. People were suprised that we had these one-word titles on "HDCE", but that's just how we wanted shit to be done that time around you know.

I've done some searching on the Internet and it seems everyone wants to compare you to other bands, sometimes with ill-fitting and humorous results. What are some of the most random comparisons you've come across?

Fear Factory for one. Please tell me exactly when and where we sound like them... And Nightwish. Eh... Right. Because we have a girl singing who's not even close to operatic? Hahaha... It's just so fucken stupid. There are milions of bands that we might sound like here and there but there's not ONE that sounds like us. We are unique.

TPH does an amazing job at being able to contrast death metal and the techno/electronic elements without watering down your sound. Do you have any secrets?

No secrets, just talent and good luck I guess.

You posted a techno remix of "At the Entrance to Hell's Unholy Fire" on the site. Do you think the band would ever consider doing a remix album?

I'd love to. But that's just for a personal reason, I don't care about releasing it or anything. I just love that shit and would definitely like to have a complete re-mix of the whole album. I just don't wanna make it myself. Dlimi of Aeon is doing some killer-remixes for me and one of his songs will end up on the US release of the album, as some fucken bonus-thing, along with some other remixes made by people from all over the world.

Looking at your website, I was rather amused at some of the questions and responses in your "Q and Hate" section (clever pun). Are you ever amazed at the inability of people to read and follow directions?

It just bores me that people are so fucken stupid sometimes. There is actual text on the site, try reading it before asking something. I guess you could say that we are all pretty fucken amazed how some can be so utterly retarded.

As one of the few bands in the metal realm I'd call "original", are you ever discouraged by your relatively unknown status when dime-a-dozen metalcore bands are gaining a storm of popularity, at least over here in the States?

Discouraged? Not a chance. I'm hardly doing this because I think I could make a living of it... That's not going to happen. I've been doing music now for almost 20 years and have yet to see cash so, haha... It's not about that. This is what I need to do. I couldn't fucken care less what bands get attention. Metal core is the fucken wart in the ass of heavy music. I want every fucken metalcore band to die. That is music that really makes me wanna kill people. Embarrassing music. Fuck you. Fuck you all. And yes, I'd agree that we are original. That's prolly why we don't get the recognition we deserve hahah...

Many members of The Project Hate play in some other bands as well. Anything currently in the works with related bands?

God Among Insects will release the 2nd album in February or something. Evergrey might be working on a new piece as well. I guess Jorgen is busy coming up with material for the second Vicious Art piece. Mazza has a band caled United Machinery who I guess are shopping around for a deal. His other band 2 Ton Predator should be releasing their 4th album in a few months. I have no idea if Jonna is up to something.

Thanks for your time and best of luck with AME. Anything else you'd like to add?

Thanx for the interview. Oh, and fuck metalcore.

November 14, 2005

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