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I was definitely caught off-guard when I first heard Construcdead's latest release, The Grand Machinery. I had assumed the band's more brutal aspects were all but gone, when low and behold, they put out what is arguably their heaviest disc yet. It's been spinning non-stop for several months at this point, so naturally I got ahold of guitarist Rickard Dahlberg to find out as much as I could about the recent happenings in the Construcdead camp.

Wayfaerer-First off, congrats on the new disc, it's easily one of my favorites this year. How's the response been in general?

Rickard-Thanks, so far all the reviews we’ve gotten have been very good, much better than the previous record. And the crowd seems to be pleased with the new material as well. So no complaints!!

The new disc feels more aggressive than your previous EP, Wounded, and Violadead. Was there anything you wanted to accomplish with The Grand Machinery?

Well, we wanted to go back to where we first started, so the riffs just came out much more aggressive, faster and more brutal than before. We wanted I guess show people that we still know how to do good, fast and brutal songs, not judge us from the "Violadead" record. We just wanted a really heavy fast and intense record.

The new album and Wounded were both recorded at Fear and Loathing with Jocke Skog. How have your experiences been there?

The experience over there has been awesome!! Jocke Skog is the man to work with! He is just the best!!! Everything is just so relaxed, feels like you are at home. He brings out the very best in all of us. I wouldn’t want to record anywhere else than with Jocke. It’s not a very big studio or so, but it is just fun being there. It really feels like a second home.

You lost singer Peter Tuthill and bassist Johan Magnusson right before recording The Grand Machinery. What happened, did they leave or were they kicked out?

We decided to kick them from the band 4 days before we started the recording of "The Grand Machinery". The reason for that was because we felt that they didn’t bring anything to the music, neither lyrics, or riff, Johan didn’t even sit down with the bass to practice the songs we were supposed to record, so we decided to do this on our own, easier and faster.

The lyrics to "The Eye of Revelation" weren't written by you guys, where are they from?

We took them from Nostradamus. I really don’t know why, but I think Jens wanted the lyrics to be like "judgment day" or something like that. Really should ask him..

What would you say your favorite song on the new disc is?

Hmm, I listen to all the songs all the time I really don’t know, I don’t have one favorite, they are all favorites. But I guess the songs with leads are a bit closer to my heart.

You got Jens Broman to sing on The Grand Machinery, what made you decide on him? He really fits the sound to a tee.

Jens is an old friend of ours. He had been in our practice room just weeks before and just sang along on some of the old songs, we thought he sounded great, and that’s why we decided to ask him to do the vocals on this album. Poor Jens, he only had a couple of days to do all the lyrics and song arrangements for the songs.

I see on the website that Jens and Victor have been made members of the band recently, do you feel the line-up is feeling more stable?

Yes!! This lineup is without a doubt the strongest we’ve ever had. We really feel that this is Construcdead. All of us go along really well, since we are all old friends, but also because everyone knows their instrument so well, except me that is.. ha ha.

You recently toured with Soilwork and HateSphere. How did that turn out?

Great! We’ve known Soilwork for, well probably 10 years or so, so it was really fun to be out with them again. We also got very good contact with the guys in Hatesphere. They are just a bunch of more or less crazy, drunk and very interesting people. So we’ll definitely stay in contact and hopefully do some gigs with them again! Hopefully they like us too!!!

Anything particularly memorable from the tour?

Hmm, well.. All the streaking on stage for the last nights on the tour was memorable. And when Erik put chili in Heinz' (Hatesphere) pants just before he got on stage. The whole tour was amazing! So many good memories from that tour!

Do you have any further touring plans in the immediate future? Any chance we'll be seeing you guys hitting up the US?

Well, we would like to do some more touring, that would be nice. But at the moment we don’t have any plans or any upcoming gigs at all. Sad to say. The US would be awesome!! But since we don’t have any manager or booking company, we have to do all the work ourselves. And it just takes a lot of time.

I know your drummer Erik is also involved in Terror 2000 and Face Down; does anyone else have other bands on the side?

Hm, yeah, Jens also sings in both Hatelight and The Defaced. Christian used to play with Insision, Viktor plays guitar in a band called Lucien.

Going along with our latest poll, what's your favorite metal stereotype made by nonmetal fans?

Hmm, there are so many, But right now I have to say the guys at my work, they can’t understand how, and why we play the music we play, and that people actually listen to it, buy albums and goes to the shows. To them it’s all the same, just bashing on an instrument and screaming for all your worth. I don’t even waste my time on people like that.

As a conclusion, what's your most persuasive argument for why people should check out The Grand Machinery?

The new album is nothing like the rest of the albums out there right now. If they would like to hear some well played metal and not "radio metal" they should check this out.

Thanks for the interview, any last words?

Make sure to check out the homepage every now and then. And also a big thanks to all the people that comes to the shows, buy the albums, talks to us after the shows and so on, cheers!!

November 20, 2005
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