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Falkenbach returned with an excellent recording “Heralding the Fireblade”. What is most incredible is that is the work of one man: Vratyas Vakyas, which is quite an accomplishment in itself.

My first question is how did it all happen? More specifically how did you get to be able to play all these instruments? Do you have formal musical training what is your basic / usual / preferred instrument?

Well, I started to play keyboards when I´ve been a child, and guitars later, cannot remember when exactly. But I think I am not such an outstanding instrumentalist, and obviously I did not take any lessons in my life. The instruments I prefer are e-guitar and keyboards.

Is all your music in written form or you rely solely on your memory?

No music of Falkenbach ever was written down, it´s just in my mind.

With such a talent, are you able to make a living of your music?

At the moment it´s hard, as I do not use to play tours or festivals. With playing live there was a chance to make a living of it maybe, but to be honest Falkenbach hasn´t got any professional aims.

Are you into other project / band?

No, Falkenbach is the only band I am active in and working for.

What type of music do you listen to?

Mainly classical music is what I use to listen to, like Wagner, Groothe, Grieg etc. On the other hand underground releases like demos and self produced albums if we´re talking about metal. I stopped listening to officially promoted metal bands years ago.

Any bands / artists you are a fan of?

No, not at all. I am not in touch with too many musicians in general anyway.

What do you consider the most important part between the lyrics and the music?

I think music should be able to offer feeling, emotions, and is a shape for what the lyrics are about, which are more or less something one has to discover with mind.

What are your future plans?

A hard questions, as there are never any fixed plans to be honest. Maybe a new album will follow soon, maybe it will take a couple of years, and maybe this one will have been the last Falkenbach album, I don´t know. Time will tell.

Any new talents or projects that you are aware that we should be on the look out for?

There are several good bands from the underground, self-financed releases or demos. But I think people have to discover them for themselves. Preferences are too different to advice a band or an album to someone.

I usually leave a place for the artists to freely express their thoughts about any specific point they want to so is there anything you whish us and our readers to know?

Check www.Falkenbach.de. There you will find any news first, also about the “Tribute to Falkenbach” double CD that is going to be released soon.

I’m thanking you for your excellent release and talent proving once again that the underground scene is where it’s at.

Thanx a lot for your support, and good luck with the mag. !

December 29, 2005
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