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Enter My Silence put out a stunning debut back in 2001 with Remotecontrolled Scythe but then all but disappeared. Despite line-up and label rearrangements, EMS finally returned with a vengeance back in February with their second release, Coordinate D1sa5t3r. I was able to contact guitarist Tuomas Jappinen to give us the low-down on what the band has been up to.

-Congrats on the release of Coordinate D1sa5t3r, how has the response been thus far?

Thanks, it's been good so far. All in all we've gotten great reviews, actually even better than we expected because let's face it, melodic death hasn't been particularly "media-sexy" during the last couple of years. Many bands seem to get destroyed out there. Sure, we've gotten our share in a few reviews, but journalists that gave it a chance and really listened to it properly have been in to it.

-What happened with Mighty Music and how did you wind up on the JMT Music label?

Long story short, it just didn't work, and we decided to look for a new label after the recording sessions. JMT contacted us right after the news broke out and here we are. We got some other offers as well, but JMT's felt the most promising.

-How did you find new vocalist Mika Lisitzin?

Our bassist Ville knew him from before, so the search was really painless. We checked out some tunes from Scalping Screen, Mika's hardcore band and were sold immediately! After that, all it took was a phone call.

-Once the new line-up was in stone, how did you go about the recording process of Coordinate D1sa5t3r?

We did it in four separate sessions between November 2004 and February 2005. It turned out good to have some breaks in between, because studio work can be really exhausting sometimes. Everything went pretty smooth this time, sure we had some gear problems here and there, but nothing major. It seems to be a part of it.

-It's been 5 years since RCS, did you feel the need to prove yourselves with a solid release to get your name back out there?

Sure. There was no pressure, but obviously in today's scene, you'd get annihilated with a "not-so-good" release. There's so much great music around. I think this one will be the first contact with us for most people, because in five years there have grown a whole new generation of metal fans. People seem to remember us and RCS pretty well, but I'm sure we'll make a bunch of new fans with this.

-How would you compare Coordinate D1sa5t3r with Remotecontrolled Scythe?

Three words: whole lot better! I think it's more aggressive, progressive, original and varied than RCS. Vocals are obviously a big difference, I like Mika's sound a lot better, even though Mikko is an outstanding growler and does a fantastic job with Swallow the Sun. Also, Coordinate: D1SA5T3R has more to chew on, and it really challenges you with variation and complexity of some arrangements and song structures. I think it's one of those albums that last.

-The song, "Coordinate D1sa5t3r" has some political overtones in it. What do you think about the state of affairs in the world today?

Awful. I'm not a political person, but there's too many dudes around that really need to take a good look on their politics. Guess who first comes to mind...(laughs)

-What are some of the other lyrical topics on the disc?

Most of the lyrics are stories about every man's burden and ways of the modern world, we get our inspiration anywhere. The title track and Silent Treatment have gotten their ideas from the situation in Middle-East, but there's also some more personal stuff like The Paradox of Two and Unspoken Words. Basically every song has something to do with where the world is headed if mankind continues to handle things the way we have: disaster. That's also where the title, Coordinate: D1SA5T3R comes from.

-Do you have a favorite track on Coordinate D1sa5t3r?

That's hard to say, but maybe Thin Red Line and Silent Treatment. They're all my babies. (laughs)

-What would you say to the person who has heard album after album of melodic death to convince them to give Coordinate D1sa5t3r a try?

If you're in need of melodic death with some fresh ideas, balls and variety, go! Plus when was the last time you heard crappy metal from Finland? (laughs)

-I'm sure someone somewhere is groaning about your choice of using numbers in the title for D1sa5t3r. Is there a special significance behind it?

Dude, you gotta have numbers on your coordinates, you'd miss otherwise. (laughs) There's been some whining about it, but on the other hand it has also gotten really positive response.

-Speaking of signifance, is there any special direction that the compass is pointing on the cover of the disc?

Of course man! "SOUTH" is replaced with "DOWN" to emphasize the title and lyrical themes.

-You completed a small tour with Noumena and Insomnium, any more touring plans in the future?

We have a couple of festival shows in Finland this summer and some more Finnish dates in fall, but I don't think we'll play abroad, this year at least.

-Any songs from the new disc that you feel come across particularly well in the live setting?

Everyone except The Paradox of Two. It has too many guitars to pull it off nicely, though I knew it already when I was composing it. We have plenty to choose from live, because the RCS tracks also sound awesome with Mika. But 9mms to Deliverance, For a Place in the Sun and Insignificant are the most fun to play on stage.

-Currently, Coordinate D1sa5t3r is available readily throughout Europe, are you working on getting a license for a USA release? Where can American fans find the album if they don't want to wait?

I don't know exactly how are things on the license right now, but you'll find the import at least from amazon.com and cduniverse.com.

-Ironically, when I interviewed you 5 years ago with RC Scythe, I asked where you'd like the band to be in 5 years. Are you satisfied at where the band is currently?

I'm happy that we're still alive, but on the other hand I'm frustrated about all those wasted years so to speak. Things could have improved a lot if we'd been active the whole time. So my answer is no.

-What are the last few discs you have been listening to?

Two fine Finnish ones: Decrowning by Amoral and Deathrash Assault by Deathchain. Awesome stuff, check them out everybody!

-Thanks for the interview and best of luck with the new disc. Any closing comments you'd like to make?

Thanks, not much. Everyone check out our Myspace page for two tracks off the album and www.entermysilence.com for the latest news etc. Shit, almost forgot...go vote for us on the front page, we gotta get past Noumena! (laughs)

April 27, 2006
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