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My Dying Bride guitarist Andrew Craighan talked candidly about the band's new album, For Lies I Sire. He also talks about My Dying Bride's almost break up in 1997-98, his thoughts on compatriots Paradise Lost and Anathema, his inspirations, the "happiness" factor in creating miserable music, his links with his label, Peaceville, his bewilderment toward the new 'doom' crowd and plans for an Asia-Pacific tour.

An excerpt:

"The LP, is kind of - without making it sound obvious and boring, it's the epitome of what My Dying Bride is; its brutal in places and massively heavy; almost aggressive, almost horrible in places. ... But it's like that all for the right reasons. Its as bleak as MDB have ever been, it's not just boring music either like, "Oh my god here comes another riff change after twenty minutes of the same note."

"Its still very musical. It's typically MDB but without going "oh, we don't need to hear it then, because we already know what they sound like." There's something to this one that I can't quite put my finger on. To be fair, its probably the most complete record we've done musically; everything is in the right places and it all seems to make sense. It's still very miserable. Its sort of...sickeningly morose in places. Also it's overly aggressive for the sake of it in some places."

Complete interview hosted at my blog: Crushtor.net

April 21, 2009
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