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Want to hear some great depressing music? Upon being given a recommendation about the band, I was finally able to track down a copy of "Futile" and was blown away by the sound! I was able to contact Petri Eskelinen, vocalist of Rapture, to find out some news.

Wayfaerer-First off I'd like to say congratulations on "Futile" it is an amazing album! Could you give a brief background for the band?

Petri-Thank you very much! There's not that much history behind us...We started in 1997 under a different name and a different line-up. The guys knew my previous band had broke up and they asked me to sing for them. A year of rehearsing and a line-up change or two later, we recorded our incredibly un-available demo. It didn't turn out that spectacular... But it did land us a deal with Spikefarm, though. After that demo things started to really slow down... We got kicked out of our beloved rehearsalplace and some of the members didn't show the kind of enthusiasm this band needed. Sami from Spikefarm told us that if we got our act together and wrote some new songs, the deal was a sure thing. So we decided to renew our line-up a bit, which really paid off. Samu, who we found to fill the vacant drummer's stool and Jarno, who became our second guitarist, were just perfect for the job. Then we were off to the studio... After recording "Futile" we played one show after which we decided that our bassplayer had to go. Enter Sami. And that was pretty much our history in a nutshell.

W-Is there any plans to get a North American release for "Futile", I saw you were talking with Relapse about this on the website.

P-Yes, there is. Relapse is very interested about licensing "Futile" and our upcoming second album for the States. As soon as Spikefarm and Relapse finish their negotiations, "Futile" will be released in the US. All of you people wanting to hear "Futile" should start bugging Relapse about it. Maybe that would speed things up a bit!

W-Will you be staying on Spikefarm for your second release?

P-Yes. Spikefarm has an option for the second album and it seems they want to release it. Besides, they've done a fine job for us. If it's not broken, why fix it? After the second album we will see what happens. I would personally like to continue with Spikefarm but as it always is with things of the future, one never knows...

W-This is a fairly dated question, but whats the response been to "Futile"? Has anyone criticized you for sounding too much like Katatonia or Opeth?

P-The response has been overwhelmingly great. I'm really surprised. North America is catching on and we've been getting a lot of positive feedback from the US. Obviously, a lot of references have been made to Opeth and Katatonia, but I don't really care. Basically it's just a matter of critics trying to do things the easy way. It's easy for critic X to describe band Y to reader Z by saying that it sounds like band Q or F. I know that there are some things on the album that sound a bit like Katatonia, but this was not something we did intentionally. The songs came out the way they did and we're very happy with them. We're more brutal than either of them anyway.

W-How much new material do you have at the moment?

P-A couple of new songs are well underway and our guitarplayers are constantly writing and re-writing new stuff.

W-What does the new stuff sound like compared to the songs from "Futile", are there more clean vocals used or any major progressions?

P-I think the new stuff will be focusing more on the guitars and less on keyboards. It's really hard to say at this moment, since all the new stuff is still in very raw form, not even close to being finished. It will be very Rapture, though. And yes, we are going to concentrate a bit more on clean vocals but we will not abandon the old school-growl.

W-"Futile" is one of the most depressing albums I've ever heard, does the album represent any personal experiences?

P-Of course. All the music and lyrics one creates are reflections of their inner selves. I'm not the most depressed guy in the world, but I tend to get very pessimistic and cynical sometimes. And yes, I get very depressed every now and then. I can't really say anything about the music since I've not written a single note for the album but my lyrics are pretty much me cleansing my soul on paper. I really don't put that much thought into writing, it's a pretty natural process. I just let the words come the way they come. I've had my fair share of shit in life, so I guess I'll still have something to write about even though life is fine right now.

W-Have you done any touring for "Futile" and if so, how was it?

P-No, we haven't. I wish we could... If somebody wants to book us some shows, get in touch with Spikefarm!

W-What was your favorite album that came out last year?

P-A Perfect Circle's "Mer De Noms". No question about it. An incredible album.

W-What are your views on mp3's and the internet as promotional tools?

P-The internet is definitely one of the greatest promotional tools ever. Anyone can make a website and put some mp3's of his/her own music there for everyone to listen. Mp3's are a bit questionable (copyright-wise) but in the same way as taping or cd-r's. I can't really understand what's the big deal about mp3's. People have been taping albums for each other for years...

W-If you could tour with one band, who would it be?

P-Neurosis. They are my absolute favourite band in the world.

W-What have you been listening to lately?

P-Playlist for Jan. - Feb. 2001 (not in any particular order)
A Perfect Circle - "Mer De Noms"
The Delta - "Scizoeffective"
Pig Destroyer - "38 Counts of Battery"
Tool - "Salival" (they play Led Zeppelin's "No Quarter"!!! Fucking KILLER!!!)
Sigur Rós - "Ágætis byrjun"
Sunny Day Real Estate - "The Rising Tide"
Cephalic Carnage - "Exploiting Dysfunction"
Radiohead - "Kid A"
Harder Than The Rest (a Digital Hardcore Recordings' compilation with some killer stuff like Atari Teenage Riot, Alec Empire, Christoph De Babalon, Killout Trash...)
Katatonia - "Last Fair Deal Gone Down"
Ozric Tentacles - "Floating Seeds Remixed"
Carcass - "Symphonies of Sickness"
Deftones - "White Pony"
Orbital - "The Middle of Nowhere"
anything by Iron Monkey
etc, etc...
I could write a list longer than my arm, but these were the ones that I've been listening to in the last few weeks. It varies a lot. I've got a broad taste in music.

W-Thanks for your time, and good luck with the new material!

March 9, 2001
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