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An interview conducted over the internet with the well known female backing vocalist Sarah Jezebel Deva, renowned for her work with Cradle Of Filth, Mortiis, Therion, Covenant etc. My first interview on this site with many more to come. The interview is just letting you get to know Sarah and giving her credit for all that she's done in music.

Morbidius: Being a female vocalist for Cradle Of Filth, Therion and Mortiis, do you see yourself having anytime in the future to make your own e.p. album? and if so what kind of music would it be?

Sarah: I hope to make time! Its about time I did something! many people always ask when i'm going to release something but last year I was so busy, I did 3 tours in a row with only a few days in between tours! In total I did six tours, over ten festivals and a few albums... it was hard to even relax! I was meant to begin writing last january but I got so busy! I'm off to sweden soon, I plan on getting work done there, the style?? It will be like a movie soundtrack,... dark, emotional... operatic but eastern too! I have plans for some people to get involved but I don't want to say too much just in case I get busy again and things don't work out! session work seems to be taking over my goals at the moment!!

M: Does your normal everyday life get affected by your constant touring?

S: Totally! I miss all my fave tv shows!!!!! Don't get to see my friends and my relationship with my fiancee suffers a bit but we mostly work together as he is a guitar tech. I love the road, its been my life since 97!

M: Does touring ever wear you down and make you think, i've had enough, I want to quit?

S: Sometimes I feel i've had enough and want to give up but I doubt I ever will! The lack of privacy on a tour bus can drive you mad! After Tattoo the Planet where we (cof) supported Slayer, I really needed a break, I was worn out and stressed but I only had two days off before I was going to South America with Therion for 3 weeks.I was dreading this tour. We took eighteen flights in twenty-one days! we got as little as three hours sleep a night and played for over two hours everynight. This tour turned out to be the best tour i've ever done!!!!!! It's tours like that, that made me feel alive BUT, I was so tired, and again... when we got home, we had four days off then went back out again!... after that tour I spent two days rehearsing for Mortiis. I finally stopped working on the 20th dec... I was so stressed but look back and think "I shouldn't complain about being tired or stressed, i've got a wonderful life at the mo"... its not what people think though! its not all that wonderful but i'm living my dream!

M: Is there anything special you do for your voice while on tour, because tours like that have got to be pretty gruelling?

S: Nothing... try not too get ill... lay off of the cigs and drink! With Therion, i cant drink, smoke or have late nights. I'm the only soprano there, I have solo parts which no one can take for me! I have to be so careful but its hard, illness spreads around us like wildfire!.

M: How did you get into business with each of the bands that you currently work with?

S: Every band stemmed from cof!, I was in a punk band when i was 16... did one show... didnt like it, so one day I asked my friend if she knew of any bands who need a singer. She knew a band called cradle of filth, who at the time were very small and had only just released their first album. I didnt like them at first... but passed her a demo anyway. A few months later I found out they wanted me, Paul.A and Dani came to my college to meet me... the rest is history!!!!!!!!!!! I then, in 97 did my first ever tour... this was cofs longest ever euro tour and it was for six weeks, a part of this tour was a black metal six day fest in Germany. It was CoF, Dissection, Dimmu and In Flames... this is where the Covenant offer came about! I highly regret working with them due to the amount of lie's and stuff but two good things came out of it,the album Nexus Polaris... and my friendship with Hellhammer!... also summer 97, i met Christoper, the main guy in Therion... I went to Sweden to meet him, we talked, I had cds for him to check out so he could hear my voice... he ended up giving me a trial period! this trial period was two shows, Wacken and the 10th anniversary nuclear blast fest (of which a video was made)... I suppose i proved myself!!!!!! But things between us weren't always good and for a while I stopped working for Therion, about six months maybe. Then somehow, I got my job back! I've been with Therion for almost five years now and in the same year on that same trip to Sweden to meet Christoper, I talked to Mortiis for the first time over the telephone... (a friend of mine owned a record store and a label. I met her on my first cof tour and she was friends with Chris and Mortiis, so she is the person I thank for getting me in touch with them!)... at the time I was working on my own music... I wanted Mortiis to sign me on his label but it ended up that I worked for him!!! and he gave up his label! I've also worked with Mystic circle (Germany), Graveworm (Italy) and Tulus (now called Khold i believe, Norway)

M: You are a very caring person and are always taking time to talk to your fans, it's great to see someone as well known as you in the metal world to do this. Do you think there will ever be a point in time where you will no longer be able to talk to your fans and be too busy?

S: Hey I hope not!!!! Talking is something I do well and in my eyes, it doesn't matter how busy you are, you can always spare at least five minutes a week to answer questions or acknowledge people! And I don't see these people as fans! I don't class them as fans! I just see them as people I talk to! It sounds weird maybe but talking to them I think keeps my feet on the ground and I love them for that!!!!!

January 25, 2002
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