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I finally got around to getting the Abyssos interview sorted out, so here it is and enjoy. I did the interview over the internet, as I usually do when I don't have much time. There is news about a new project, the upcoming album, work with Evergrey etc in this interview. So here's me and the man himself, Lord Rehn.

Morbidius: There has been a rumour going around that Abyssos is no more or Abyssos will come to an end after this upcoming album due to your work with Evergrey, is this true?

Lord Rehn: I can assure you all that Abyssos has not ended and a new album entitled "Delomelanicon" is being worked with at the moment. The schedule of the release of the new opus has been drastically delayed due to my involvment in Evergrey. Since Evergrey took up basically all of my time I didn´t have the chance to work anything with Abyssos. Since I left Evergrey in late Febuary I´ve been working with another project I felt had to be done before I took the time to finish the work with the new Abyssos album. This is a project means very much to me and since it had to be done "now or never" basically I decided to do this project before focusing on doing the new Abyssos album. I can´t reveal too much about the project yet but I can assure you that it will be totally awesome! I´m almost done with writing the music to this new project and as soon as I´m done with that I will start focusing on doing the final touches on the new Abyssos songs to record them. But I can assure you that Abyssos is very much still in the scene.

M: Were you happy with your last album release? did it meet your expectations?

LR: As a musician there are always things you want to change about your work after it´s released, as also in this case. I mean, I´m of course very happy with the result and it´s an album I really enjoy for the time period I wrote and recorded it. As with everything you do you evolve and grow as a person with new experiances and influences, and hopefully you get better at what you´re doing. So obviously I wouldn´t record those songs today since my composing style is a bit different today, but I´m very happy about the result for the period in my life when I wrote it.

M: Will there be any differences in this new album, as in will the style change at all, or are will it be sticking to what I like to call "melodic black metal"?

LR: The new album differs quite a lot to the two first Abyssos albums. Even though it´s still of course "melodic black metal" I´ve added a completely different touch to the songs by adding an entire symphony orchestra playing along with the guitars basically all the time, making the atmosphere a lot greater. Also the material is for me as a writer a bit more mature since i´ve had a couple of years to practice and write music. Of course I have no idea if people will like the new album or not, but that´s of course my wish. I always write what comes to me and what feels right at the time. I don´t think about any specific rules or any specific ways of writing a song. If I feel something should be added to a certain part in a song, I add it not thinking about it being right or not.

M: Was joining Evergrey a hard decision for you as you probably knew at the time by going on tour etc with them would restrict the amount of work you could do on the new abyssos album?

LR: I never had any doubts joining Evergrey. I knew that it would restrict me from working with Abyssos since I would be gone so much, but that was something I was totally comfortable with. I´d been working with Abyssos for so many years that it was great to get to do something else for a while and I have no regrets at all. Unfortunately financial problems for me moving down to Gothenburg from Sundsvall where I live made have to quit Evergrey. Obviously if you have a full-member band that tours constantly you want to have all the members gathered in the same city, but since I lived so far away I had to fly down there for rehersals and gigs etc. It was not financially possible to do that for much longer nor was it very convinient for me since I have a wife and child here that I didn´t get to see very often. So even though it was a hell of a great time playing with them I think it turned out for the best. And this way I get to focus on Abyssos.

M: Who are your idols in music and which bands influence your style?

LR: Well I would have to say basically everything I listen to, see and experiance in life influences me. But originally of course what shaped my musical preferences was growing up to early 70´s and 80´s heavy metal music with bands such as Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Dio, Ozzy, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden etc. It´s more difficult to put my finger directly on something that influences me today, it´s as I said basically everything from the music I listen to a certain day to playing with my little daughter.

M: Did anything as a child influence you to get into the black metal/melodic black metal scene, like your parents musical tastes? It's far easier to get into black metal I would think in Sweden, Norway etc.

LR: I have two older brothers who are also into metal music that basically shaped me into what I am today. Since my oldest brother is 8 years older and my other brother is 4 years older, they kind of took turns teaching me the "life of metal" so to speak. I´ve listened to metal for as long as I can remember and I never watched any childrens shows or played with other children the way "normal" children did. I hung out with my brothers and their friends who were much older and listened to metal and did stupid things. So I guess that´s why I´m so fucked up today :)

The metal scene is and have basically always been very big here in Sweden and Scandinavia, so I guess we have somewhat of an advantage with that since it´s quite easy to get a hold of good metal albums here.

M: I admire your ability to not let everything go to your head and remain a down to earth person, what would you say are the things in life that help you remain grounded and not let you have the "I'm a rock star I don't want to talk to my fans" attitude?

LR: Thanks a lot, it´s always nice to hear. I´m not that kind of person, I hate it when people get an attitude like that. I mean the fans are the single most important people a band or an artist of any kind could have. I mean without the fans or anyone liking what you accomplish as an artist you are basically nothing. I´m not of course saying that bands or artists who have very few or any fans are bad or anything, there are tons of absolutely great musicians and artists that never get the chance to show what they can do. But unfortunately if you don´t have any fans noone knows who you are and what you are doing, and therefore you are noone in the eyes of the public. I think it´s pathetic when great artists develop that "rockstar" type attitude, we are all animals, noone better than the other.

I don´t consider myself being better than or above someone else in any way. I´m just a "normal" person whos life is about making and creating music and art. I couldn´t dream of living my life another way, I´d rather be dead. I make music the way I feel is right for me and if people like that noone could be more happy about that than me. I always try to answer as many fan mail I can, but unfortunately it´s difficult to answer everyone due to the hours of the day simply not being as many as they should be in order for me to keep up with everything.

M: I always give people the chance to say whatever they want to say, whether it be promotion or anything else. So use this question to do that. Also thanks for the interview, it's great being able to interview one of my influences and idols.

LR: Keep an eye out for the upcoming Abyssos release entitled "Delomelanicon" and get it when it´s out! A big HAIL to all of you out there who have supported Abyssos during the years and hopefully will continue doing so. Satanic regards to all of you! Also a big HAIL to you Morbidius for doing this interview, thanks a lot!

June 19, 2002
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