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An interview with David Gray of Akercocke, it took me ages to get this interview sorted as Akercocke messed me around a bit and I didn't like their attitude. This interview isn't one of my best, as you can tell from my previous interviews, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

Morbidius: I've read your biography and I know you don't like doing this but for the benefit of people who havn't heard of Akercoke before, can you please give a brief history of the band?

David Gray: David Mendonca and I started playing music together when we were still at school, we shared views on Satan and music and sought to express them in our band, Salem Orchid. Unfortunately it disbanded in 1992 and we all went our separate ways until 1996 when Mendonca and I met again and decided to pick up where we left off, but do it properly this time. We see it as our unholy duty to spread the word of Satan, to whisper the true words to those that hear through the noise. Akercocke was a different line up from Salem Orchid but there are many stylistic similarities, we released our self financed debut "Rape of the Bastard Nazarene"in 1999 and signed to Peaceville records in 2001 when we released the "Goat of Mendes" album

M: How do you feel about your latest release "The Goats Of Mendes", has it acheived everything you wanted from it, did you feel you got your message across with whis album?

D:< I think the message is loud and clear to any one listening to Akercocke, and if you don’t get the message then you are obviously so stupid that you should probably consider killing yourself. SATAN IS THE TRUTH, HE IS THE WAY, through me he speaks to you, so listen. "Goat…" perfectly represents Akercocke in the year 2000 and in that sense has achieved all that we expected of it. The next CD will communicate the essence of musical evil in the year 2002 and that is the most that we expect from it. We write music that we would want to hear and we record it to the best of our ability at that certain time, we now have far greater financial resources to record with, so the production values keep on improving. Once we have finished recording then we really let other people worry about what happens to it.

M: What's instore for Akercocke's future now that the band are being recognised in the music press and getting major recognition in the underground?

D: We continue to do what we have always done from the beginning, we make music in homage to the omnipotent goat lord. All we have ever done is make the music that we would want to hear, with T-shirts that we would buy and CD covers that would attract us to buy them, nothing has changed just because we have a couple of magazine covers and a lot of debate over the content of our music by complete strangers. We are completely unaffected by outside opinion, we do what we choose

M: As you said in the biography on your site, that at one time you were so into satanism that you wern't spending enough time practising your instruments when you were first starting up, do you feel that this could happen again and you become more into your beliefs then your music or are you able to balance the two out a bit more now?

D: When Mendonca and I agreed to start playing music together again we knew that this time we had to do it properly, balancing our Satanic practices and musical creativity as men and not boys, as was our dilemma in previous years. We wont allow politics to come between us and our music again.

M: Who are your idols and influences musically?

D: The common influences that the band shares are Possessed, Celtic Frost, Suffocation and Voivod, but we all have individual tastes as well, Mendonca enjoys a lot of traditional Turkish music and Dead Can Dance, Bonsoir is influenced by Martin Gore and Depeche Mode, Theobalds listens to Killing Joke and Sonic Youth, I enjoy David Sylvian and Japan.

M: Are there any underground bands that you feel deserve recognition at the moment? and how do you feel about the current music scene?

D: As always, As She Screams are England’s best kept secret in the underground scene, they deserve some recognition and I’m sure one day people shall give them the credit that they deserve. Hecate Enthroned are without doubt the ultimate British Black metal band, and I don’t know why they aren’t massively successful

M: I give everyone a chance to say what they want, so use this question to do so, whether it's promoting the band or anything personal.

D: Worship Satan.

July 1, 2002
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