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Interview with Jesse Haff, drummer for Daylight Dies...

C.E.: So now that you've signed to Relapse...Do you have all the songs written for your debut full-length album? Will any tracks from "Idle" be used on the debut album? When will you go into the studio? Any vague predictions about a release date yet?

D.D.: Yes the album is basically already written. It contains 8 songs and will run over an hour in length. We'll put "Unending Waves" from the "Idle" demo, rerecorded, on it. We're not positive about when we'll be going into the studio yet, but hopefully in early March. We're expecting a spring 2002 release date.

C.E.: How would you describe your music? To me, it sounds a little like melodic death metal and a little like doom, but not fully either. What "label" are you more comfortable with?

D.D.: We aren't comfortable with any label, because it never covers all the bases. What you said is fairly accurate I suppose. A mix of dark melodic death and doom metal. We just try and write really good songs without any boundries or limitations.

C.E.: What do you say to those who say Daylight Dies sounds "too much like Katatonia"? I think your song structures are very different, and you've also got a little bit of a Randy Rhoads thing going on in the guitar solos, I'd say.

D.D.: Nobody has ever said that before. If someone did, it would be obvious that they haven't spent much time listening to us. We try and write songs that sound like Daylight Dies. Once "No Reply" is out and available, our own style will be obvious. As far as Randy Rhoads comparison, I think any guitarist who is classically influenced will have this type of sound. Barre has a degree in classical guitar so this comes through in his lead playing.

C.E.: You're probably right - to my mind, what distinguishes the melodic DM part of your music from, say, the Gothenburg-style bands is that you are more classically influenced than NWOBHM influenced. How have you found the metal scene in North Carolina? The only North Carolina metal band I've heard of before DD was Confessor. What venues have you played? Have you played any colleges? When I went to college at Washington and Lee, in Virginia, we had a lot of bands from North & South Carolina come up (and Virginia too, of course), but we never really got any metal, sad to say.

D.D.: There really isn't a big metal scene in North Carolina, or in the rest of the U.S. for that matter. At least, nothing that we're particularly interested in. There are a couple good bands out there, but not some thriving scene. We've only played a couple times locally at a Raleigh rock bar called Kings. We plan on doing a lot more shows after the album is released, and hopefully be a part of some appropriate tour.

C.E.: So here's an obligatory January question, what are some of your favorite releases from 2001?

D.D.: Shape of Despair "Angels of Distress", Anathema "A Fine Day to Exit", Katatonia "Last Fair Deal Gone Down", Opeth "Blackwater Park", Evergrey "In Search of Truth" collectively, but we all have our individual favorites aside from that. Thanks for the interview. Check www.daylight-dies.com for our new page once the albums out.

C.E.: Great - thanks!

October 19, 2002
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