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Interview with Jesse Haff, drummer of Daylight Dies.

C.E.: What has the reception of No Reply been like so far, and are you pleased with it?

J.H.: The reception so far has been extremely positive. Reaction and hype has been sort of slow, but that's expected since this is our debut album. The album needs to build with time as word continues to spread about us. We're seeing more and more reviews and reaction from music fans as the days pass, and just about everything we've seen is very positive. The important thing is that we are all very pleased with No Reply. I feel it's a very strong debut album. We spent a tremendous amount of time writing it, trying to make every song and every idea be of high quality.

C.E.: Are you planning to do any national or regional touring in support of the album?

J.H.: We are already doing regional shows, and I guess some of the back-to-back stints we are doing could be considered 'mini-tours'. This includes some shows this weekend in Atlanta and Athens with Mastadon, and then playing the CMJ festival in New York City, as well as some other gigs. As far as full-fledged tours, we have to take things as they come at this point. I'm sure that will eventually happen, but nothing at this moment is planned.

C.E.: If you could pick any place in the world that you would like tour or just visit, what would it be?

J.H.: Europe. The heavy music scene, particularly what we are doing seems most healthy there. I've also been there numerous times and it is a near life-changing event each time. It's so rich with culture and art, the history and architecture creates a great atmosphere. I feel at home in some cities. I think having all of us in the band tour over there would be an incredible experience. I think any foreign location would be really incredible too. Touring North America would be great as well.

C.E.: So what part of Europe do you like most?

J.H.: All of Europe that I've seen is pretty incredible. I'd say my favorite cities have been Vienna, Copenhagen, Utrecht and Stockholm.

C.E.: I notice that you designed Katatonia's website as well as your new site, daylight-dies.com (nice flash by the way). What other sites have you designed? Is web design what you currently do for a living?

J.H.: The flash stuff is actually done by my friend Richard Lundberg. I do all the web design. In addition to the sites you've mentioned, I've done the Bloodbath and Diabolical Masquerade sites. I don't support myself off web design no...

C.E.: So what do you do to support yourself these days?

J.H.: I actually doing technical stuff at a computer game company called Red Storm Entertainment.

C.E.: I just realized when I went to your website that all of you guys are really damned young. It makes me feel unbelievably old when I'm reviewing albums for bands that are younger than I am! So is Daylight Dies your first serious band? How about for the other members?

J.H.: I've been in bands I considered "serious" previously, which were also almost always with Barre Gambling. I've been playing with him since I was 15 and he was 14. But looking back I don't know how seriously I could have taken it being 16 or so. We had some projects before that released with some demos and stuff, but nothing substantial. I'd say Daylight Dies is definitely the first serious band for me. Barre is pretty much the same as me, since we've been playing together for so long. And I think this is the first band Guthrie has ever been in. Egan has played in some bands previously, but I'm don't know how serious those were.

C.E.: So do you have a contract with Relapse for more albums? Or are there any plans, half-formed or not, about the next album yet?

J.H.: Yes we have a number of albums left in our contract with Relapse. We've already begun the earliest stages of writing for the next album. The writing process will pick up heavily once things calm down surrounding this album. We're not the fastest writers around, because we throw out so much material that we feel is not up to our quality level. So we need to begin the writing process early so we can be ready with another album within some reasonable time period.

C.E.: I noticed that the various instruments were recorded in different places and at different times. Did that make it difficult at all to get the mix just right?

J.H.: Yeah the vocals and drums were recorded in one studio, and the guitars and bass were recorded at our bassist's home studio. This is the only way we could get an album of this length with the amount of layers we have on each song done in the budget we had. It did present a number of technical issues, but we did the best we could with what we had.. and I feel good with the result considering everything.

C.E.: Yeah, the mix sounds just fine. Well, the last time I interviewed you, I asked what your favorite albums of 2001 were, and it turned your favorites were pretty similar to mine. Now, I haven't been able to get much of anything this year, so maybe your picks for 2002 will alert me to some things I should be getting in the future. So what are your favorites of 2002?

J.H.: Well, the year isn't over yet.. but so far it'd be Soilwork "Natural Born Chaos", Agalloch "The Mantle", Early Day Miners "Let Us Garlands Bring", The Loveless "Star Rover" (ex-Saturnus members, really killer chill out yet rokking stuff!), and I'm sure the new Opeth album will make this list once it's out, considering what I've already heard from it. Thanks for the interview Jason. Everyone check out www.daylight-dies.com for samples from our album and any other information you could want on us.

October 19, 2002
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