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Sibilla: What turned you towards art? What made you become an artist?

Travis Smith: Nothing intentional at first. I've been drawing pictures with varying degrees of quality since about age 3. Something I've always liked to do. Much later on, in order to give it a purpose, i started drawing flyers for bands around town as I found their music inspiring. It was a good mix for me and began to pursue it that way..

S:What is your prefered medium?

TS:Personally, I prefer to use mainly digital, as it brings what's into my head to life a little better than anything else. I do like to incorporate other traditional mediums into it whenever appropriate.

S: Who are your biggest influences?

TS: artwise? I guess you could say dave mckean early on, or just whoever i happen to notice that leaves an impression on me, regardless of the field it might be in.

S: Name some of your favorite contamporary and classic artists. Which is your favorite period in art's history? and why?

TS:I like more modern, or stuff in the "now" as i tend to relate to it more. It seems to better reflect what's going on around me in the present. I like a lot of the older artists, but never really developed a passion for it.

S:Which was the first band you worked with? (album covers)

TS: Psychotic Waltz

S:Who are some of your favorite bands?

TS:Anything with Devin Townsend's name on it, Katatonia, Anathema, and Opeth, for starters...

S:Has music always been such a big part of your life? Who were your favorite musicians, or bands growing up?

TS: yes, i can never remember being without some kind of music around me that i loved. In the young years, It was Ac/Dc and Kiss, which were the good air-guitar bands (and later Slayer, metallica, anthrax, megadeth, etc) that started my path to the metal tastes.

S:Your work seems to revolve around a constant conbination of oposites, beauty and horror, life and death, order and chaos. They at times seem to be the illustrated poetry of Poe, Goethe and Dante. Do you ever find yourself illustrating stories or poetry? Or do you find inspiration in them?

TS:It always seems to be like that with the bands I work with. there always seems to be a search for light in the darkness or vice versa. I look at the songs themselves as poetry, if that's what you mean and treat them that way, as I tend to see things that way a lot, having 2 sides...

S:When you work with a band, do they come to you with the concept or do you? Which covers are you most proud of?

TS:Most of the time They let me do my own thing and if it's right we run with it. other times a band will have a basic theme or idea and want to see how I run with it. Other times, the band will have the complete idea in mind and it's up to me to realize it how they see it. I am most proud of a lot of them, but at the top i have to say Katatonia tonight's decision, and Devin Townsend's Terria.

Check out Travis Smith's art at www.seempieces.com

November 27, 2002
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