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I suppose it wouldn't be inappropriate to label Finland's For My Pain as a metal supergroup. Featuring members of Eternal Tears of Sorrow (RIP) and Nightwish, For My Pain has forged an excellent piece of gothic metal in their debut "Fallen". I was able to get some feeback and insight into the band through questioning members Altti Vetelainen (bass) and Juha Kylmanen (vocals).

Wayfaerer-Just for starters, could you give a band history of For My Pain?

Altti: We got the idea of this band with Petri at the end of 1999. We thought over suitable members for the band and Asked Tuomas and Lauri. Both were interested in idea. Later we still hired Juha and Olli-Pekka into the band and started to compose songs for the album. The first album was recorded during the year 2002 and it was released in spring 2003.

Now that Eternal Tears of Sorrow has disbanded, would you say this is your full-time band?

Altti: Yes, I could say that FMP is my main band at the moment. I have also some other projects, but FMP is still the biggest one of them. Let's see if the situation changes in the future.

How has the response been so far for Fallen?

Juha: So far the response has been really great. "Fallen" has got amazingly good reviews from the media. The listeners feedback around the world has also been very positive.

There were some excellent female vocals on the album used in a few songs, have you ever considered getting a permanent female vocalist to go along with Juha?

Altti: At least now it seems that the session female singer is the best choice for us. It works well also with the session female vocalist because we have enough time to compose and arrange the female vocal lines and teach them to the session singer. Juha is the lead vocalist, so I guess the male vocals will be the most dominating part in the future too.

If you could describe Fallen in two words to someone who has never heard of For My Pain, what would they be?

Juha: Emotional metal

Altti: Atmospheric metal

What is your favorite song on Fallen?

Juha: Dear Carniwhore. Dear carniwhore differs from the other songs on the album. I like the mood in the vocal parts.

Altti: I have quite many favourite songs on the album..but maybe the opener "My Wound is Deeper than Yours".

Do you feel that Finland is starting to become overcrowded with all of these gothic metal bands?

Juha: There has always been lot of gothic metal bands in Finland. During the last few years metal labels around the world has just discovered the fact that the quality of Finish metal is quite good.

Altti: I'm not afraid of that if the quality of bands and music is still good.

Have you written any new material yet?

Juha: We have some new material but there are no further plans about the next album.

If you could tour with one band, who would it be?

Juha: I would definitely choose Deep Purple but I think our music differ from DP's music just a little bit too much =) I would choose Type o negative.

Altti: I think it would be nice to tour with Lacuna Coil for example.

What do you do for a day job outside of For My Pain?

Altti: I'm working as a User Interface designer in Nokia Mobile Phones.

Juha: I'm studying music technology at the moment.

Is there one question that you are never asked that you wish someone would ask?

Altti: Why Moomins are so fat?

What have you been listening to lately?

Juha: Tarot's Suffer Our Pleasures and Deep purple's new album, Bananas.

Altti: Arch Enemy: Anthems of Rebellion..Really a masterpiece! I love the vocals of Angela and she beats many male singers in my opinion!

Random Question: If a bear shits in the woods and no one finds it, did the bear really take a shit?

Juha: Of course it did.

Altti: It depends on the bear.

Thanks for your time! Any last minute plugs you'd like to make?

Juha and Altti: Thank you for this interview! Let's play heavy and let's play it loud!

September 12, 2003
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